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TrustPilot - Can you help us there?

3 months ago Daniel
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3 months ago

Hello community!

I talked to my colleagues who deal with player complaints against casinos and it seems that some people who get their complaints rejected, because they're unjustified, they just like to throw dirt on us on various online portals, which makes our team sad. TrustPilot is one of these portals.

So I was thinking and decided to encourage you - if you like Casino Guru, if you believe that we do a good job in providing info about more than 3000 casinos around the world, if you can appreciate that we process around 500 complaints a month completely free of charge (and pay salaries to approximately 8-10 employees just to do this) or you just like to read stuff on our forum, donate us few minutes of your time and submit your honest review here:

I don't expect to get hundreds of reviews there, but every single review that will help to balance the negative ones will be much appreciated. The casinos reviewed on our website get their ratings based on many different aspects that are regularly evaluated and tested, but that's not how TrustPilot works - thus we need your support.

Thanks for your help and support! 🙂

3 weeks ago

Hello. I recently joined your community, so it is still difficult for me to judge your work. Judging by the information that I learned on your site, your help is very important for everyone, both for players and for casinos. And if all this is true, then you will definitely get a good reputation.

My name is Igor. I live in Kazakhstan. many questions about some casinos. Hope to get answers with your help. I would like to think that I have come to the right place, where only honest and truthful reviews and comments are welcome.

Djamil 3 weeks ago

Welcome, I believe you're also the first person from Kazakhstan who wrote a post on this forum 🙂

Daniel 3 weeks ago

Hope to stay for a long time. The first impression of the site is very good. Truthful reviews and fair decisions. I've been looking for such a place for a long time.