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1 year ago kniwli
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1 year ago

Casino N1 has refused to give me a payout of € 40 since December 2020. A selfie with ID was not recognized, a new photo of this type remains under the "still being checked" category even after weeks.

I think it's just a scandal, you can lose in a casino but not paying out the money you win is just a fraud!

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kniwli 1 year ago

They actually seem to have a very good reputation according to our website. Have you tried to ask the customer support why is it still being checked after few weeks?

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1 year ago

I was jsut asking just to be paid my money ( since Dezember 2020). at that time they did not accept my selfie with passport ( the first Casino that asked me to send such a type of photo) I sent them a new one with my new passport ( my elder passport was only valuable until the 31 of January ), I did not even get an answer whether my photo is now accepted or not ( I sent it 3 weeks ago) I find it ridiculous and a payout is refused but now I do not know why. What I find most disgusting is that they want me to send them some more money in a different form ( my first and only money transfer was with my credit card with no bonus claimed), but how stupid do they suggest people are ?

kniwli 1 year ago

If you were waiting for 3 weeks to get the new photo verified, then you should definitely contact them again regarding this. Don't wait for so long. They should always react within few days.

It's actually possible that they need you to send more money using a different payment method, because they weren't able to send you the winnings using the first method. That could also be the reason why you see your withdrawal being declined. For example some Mastercards support deposits, but players are unable to receive withdrawals to then, which isn't casino's fault.

Anyways, you need to start talking to the casino just to see what they need and why they need it. I also wouldn't send them any money if they didn't talk to you.

1 year ago


I have been talking to the administrators of Casino N1. They did not give me any valuable reason why they could not transfer me the money to my credit card ( very strange for a german Casino ); I should create an e-wallet put a liitle amount on my account, transfer it to the Casino, then I should (in theory) get my money back. That is most suspicious for a german Casino. What is your opinion ?

7 months ago

How can you play with just one OC from this provider ?! The N1 group is the biggest fraud association of all time, the operators are felons, I would advise, fortunately canceling the 40 € is not a lot and stay away from this association.

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7 months ago

the money was refunded to me thanks to Casino Guru.

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kniwli 7 months ago

I'm really happy we could help here and I'm also glad the casino was willing to cooperate 🙂

Just in case someone wants to take a look at your complaint:

2 weeks ago

N1 casino is a total scam, they cheated me with 60 dollars and you have the msg when the account was verified, it does not pay is a scam and that I did not use a bonus and I was winning too much, I got out of the game and I could never enter again

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grego764 2 weeks ago


this casino earned a very good reputation, so I would like to learn more about your issue - if I may.

Did you receive an email explaining why your winnings were voided, or your withdrawal canceled?

Have you breached any terms and conditions even unintentionally maybe?

We could be able to help, just share what has happened.

Radka 2 weeks ago

Well , I was able to enter , the first thing is that they have not paid me yet , they do not even send me notifications , they only tell me that it is pending , I have not broken any of the policies , since I do not like to do anything to earn since this it's luck, your customer service the last thing you told me was to write to you later, that means they're not even ready, note: the withdrawal was supposed to take no more than 20 minutes and it's been two days since the last one I requested

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grego764 1 week ago

Hello there,

for a better idea, we allow casinos 14 full days to proceed with the payment. Anyway, it's usual that it takes a couple of days depending on the payment option you chose.

I think you should wait. Has your account been fully verified, please?

1 week ago

I do not know if you work for them but they are thieves , I do not know why you defend them so much , I have captured their conversations and everything that happens , their responses and all , that is the casino that takes the longest to pay and if you lack a requirement of once they block you, that's for you to despair as I see since you have the money within their platform and they don't want to lose, I hope that no one enters and I am willing to give all the information required to confirm my veracity

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grego764 1 week ago


I do not work for any casino. I just kindly informed you that even our Complaint Team allows casinos 14 days time period associated with complaints.

It's not defending, it's sharing information. I think you should submit the complaint, so you'll see how we proceed.

Feel free to do so here and provide everything related to your issue:

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