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N1bet game problems and suppchat

1 year ago by neolein65
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1 year ago

Hello dear gaming community,

We signed up at n1bet last night and made 2 deposits. The first was quickly history 😭. With the second deposit of 100, - it worked and we came up with about 200. When we closed the current game Extra Chilli to look for a new one, it started. The screen went black and it said "Hoppela something went wrong".

We then thought ok "they have a server problem, let's see tomorrow".

But today it was the same again and we started talking to the supp in the morning. After endless back and forth and endless statements (sometimes very contradictory) they said "we have a technical problem" please be patient. I then spoke to acquaintances and created another account with everyone the casino went. We now have a balance of 170,- and then said to the supp that we want to have it paid out because there is no solution here and we are slowly feeling fooled.

We had made deposits via Direct Instruction i.e. via the account..

Now she first wanted a personal copy (it's ok) then a current invoice or something similar. (also just ok)

Then they wanted to have a file that put the deposit from our account.. And that's where it honestly ends, especially since the whole chat wasn't close to being trustworthy.

I'm grateful for advice otherwise should just serve as info.

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1 year ago

Hello there,

allow me to stress here that you should never try to solve any issue by creating a second or multiple accounts.

It's usually strictly prohibited by the casino and all your winnings can be voided.

So, the casino had a technical issue, what seems to be the problem now, please?

I'm not sure whether I understand this expression correctly:

"a file that put the deposit from our account".

I believe this is a bank account confirmation document and it is normal to provide even your bank account history to pass the account verification.

1 year ago

So here I want to make it clear that this was not another account from the same person but an account for a different person! And yes, there can be technical problems on the part of the operator BUT if support deletes a cache for hours, cockies delete other browsers, etc., etc., and then says "oh, you have a technical problem, just try again in a few hours" then that's bullshit and no less.

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1 year ago

Well, it may still cause a problem.

Normally, only one person per household, meaning with the same address and most likely shared internet connection is allowed.

I hope this is not your case.

I just want to make sure you will not risk your balance because you did not know those rules. - that's all.

Anyway, support should be friendly at least but honestly, they can't deal with technical issues with games, this is the game providers' part.

It has been a few hours now, so does the problem still cures?

Are you able to finish the verification?

1 year ago

I have problems same with N1bet casino

on playing while free spins won$340 and suddenly disappeared money with error code

They said please keep patient cuz technical issues

and already more than 1 week

1 year ago

I just want to add that in such cases, the casino usually asks the game provider to check the problem out and make a statement.

So basically, the casino has to wait too. Sometimes it's a long run 🙁.

I hope it ends soon. 🤞

2 weeks ago

Hi good afternoon. I would like to strongly warn against N1 casino / bet.

I'm banned from oasis. And I'm addicted to gaming.

I had a relapse on Easter days and deposited 100 euros. Was drunk and reckless. It was just Easter.

I depend on this money and have asked my bank to do a chargeback. And also at the casino. But all in vain. I read that this casino is illegal in Germany. Like many other casinos. Unfortunately I also have 60 euros richprice and co.

Luckily they deleted or blocked my players profiles.

I will do everything to get my money, which I doubt.

How can you operate something even though people have allowed themselves to be blocked?

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2 weeks ago

Hello. I am really sorry about this situation. Unfortunately the casino needs to be advised about a gambling addiction prior, so they could be able to block your account. If you deposit your money without them knowing about your gaming problem, they won't be able to do anything. I just hope you will be able to get all this under control soon, and if you feel you need a professional help, I can suggest to check this list of some help centers available in your country. Just follow this link, please, to view it. I wish you the best of luck.🍀

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