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Cazinoin ate me 30600 euros

2 weeks ago sevosmmaek
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2 weeks ago
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good evening Guys from cazinoin ate 30600 euros and blocked my account ... last week I won the amount of 30600 euros ... as soon as I won them at live casino I made a withdrawal .. as soon as I made a withdrawal they did not approve it and told me that my account must be checked ... after a week they sent me an email and told me that because I had created another account on the same site they take the amount I have inside and blocked me ... I had indeed created another account some moment I forgot the codes and played only once ... after that and then I found the codes and played in the main account I had ... I am indignant I do not know what to do ... how should I act what do you suggest ?? In the terms it stated that if you create 2 accounts they have the right to do what they did ... I have hired a lawyer but I do not know how to act, there is a lot of money and besides that I have made several deposits to earn this amount

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2 weeks ago

cazinoin say me

We inform you that our Security Department has found additional accounts registered by you in our system. All accounts entered by you have been blocked due to a breach of our Terms and Conditions.

Under the Terms and Conditions, all accounts found will be permanently frozen and available funds will be forfeited, as the amount withdrawn from both accounts exceeds the amount deposited in both accounts.

You are not allowed to open a new account in our system. Please note that any new accounts created by you in our system will be closed and all funds will be forfeited.

my answer

This morning , at about 12.00 pm local time I received an email from your

company according to which your security team had discovered that I have

also had a second active account registered in your system and that this

action was against the terms and conditions of yours.

Αt the same time, due to this situation you informed me that all of my

accounts are frozen and all the money I had on them has been confiscated

from you.

In this regard, I would like to inform you that I created the second

account only because I had lost access to the first account and only ιn

order to be able to play. I also want to note that through the second

account I only played once and only until I got back access to my main

account again.

Creating a second account was the only way for me to be able to continue

playing until I get access to my main account again and i had no real

benefit by that. In any case , i didnt act maliciously and i was pushed

only because of my will to continue playing.

In any case, *i cannot understand why this action of yours, to suspend my

accounts and confiscate the money they contained, just took place only

today, at the time that i won the prize of 30600 euros while playing, even

though i had been already more than 3 months since i had created my second

account , and all this time you didnt even warn me.*

During this time of the three months, since i had created my second

account -action that was against your term and conditions- i had credited

more than 20.000 euros in my account in order to play. But i guess that i

was not illegal while i was crediting money, right? i just became illegal

by the time i wanted to withdraw the money that i had just won..

I believe , that is a great mistake of yours, not to inform me by the time

that i had created my second account that this was an action against the

term and conditions of the company and suspend the accounts by that time,

but allowing me credit more and more money for a time period that lasted

three months. And finally, you suspended my accounts and confiscated my

winnings , right at the time that i wanted to cash out.

*For the above reasons, I consider that the way you handled the relevant

issue was unprofessional and unethical towards a user like me who has been

playing in your company for so long without having created the slightest

problem and who has circulated hundreds of thousands of euros in your


*For the above reasons , i ask you to unblock my accounts and let me

continue playing, and in any case , return to me my winnings ,which i

assume to be in the amount of 30.600euros*

sevosmmaek 2 weeks ago

Hello, yes, generally speaking, they have right to void all of your winnings when you open multiple accounts. On the other hand, we believe that it's really important to see if they player got any advantage while having the 2 accounts. Let me explain it on an example.

You create an account and get a bonus on your first deposit and lose. Then you create another account, get the generous bonus on your first deposit and win this time, then you had advantage of taking the bonus that you should take only once.

On the other hand, if you played without bonuses, you didn't have any advantage over the casino so there's no reason for voiding all of your winning. I suggest you to submit a complaint here on our website and we'll see what we can do with it:

Daniel 2 weeks ago

Thank you very much for the answer ..I want to inform you that I have not received any bonuses and I did not have any purpose of fraud to gain anything from it .... it did not benefit me anywhere ... you as I told you I have not received any bonuses I am very anxious and I do not know what to do !! I will be happy for you to answer me

Daniel 2 weeks ago

I have made my report on the platform and I am waiting for an answer from the experts ... I have deposited all my money in the company and it was my profit that I expected .. I wish we could achieve something

sevosmmaek 2 weeks ago

I can see that you already submitted the complaint yesterday. Please, give my colleagues some time to process it.

Daniel 2 weeks ago

Thank you for your time!

Daniel 2 weeks ago

the messege company now say this

Hello. Please kindly be advised that you have been already provided the response on your case. The case is not only related to bonus:

6.3. Fraud. Multiple accounts

6.3.1. The Company is entitled, at its sole discretion, to disqualify any

Client who committed a fraud or falsified or attempted to falsify the

participation process or the progress of any Promotion, or violated

this Agreement, Promotional Terms and/or Specific Terms, or who

can, in a reasonable opinion of the Company, damage the

Company’s reputation and brand or reputation of any company of

our group.

6.3.2. Fraud, multiple accounts, multiple entries, circumvention of

measures to prevent fraud and/or unauthorized access/entry,

participation which violates Promotional Terms are prohibited.

6.3.3. The Company reserves the right to exclude from Promotions any

participant and to ban use of Company Website if the Company

considers that a Client has tried to enter by using more than one

accounts or engaged in any fraudulent or illegal activity (including

activity that violates domestic laws) whether or not the Client would

or might won a prize. The Company reserves the right to delete

accounts and refuse to pay bonus/prize or other incentives of

Promotions if the Client used multiple entries/accounts.

sevosmmaek 2 weeks ago

Yeah, I hate this, but it happens very often. You won over 30 000 eur. They void all your winnings and when you ask why, they copy+paste a part of their terms and conditions. The casino could close any account using this method. Not giving any reasons, just copy+paste your terms and conditions. If you breached the terms and conditions, they should specify what you did wrong so you can defend yourself.

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Daniel 2 weeks ago

Thanks for your answer ... what can I do now?? I m blocked 😕...please help me

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