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10 months ago DeeDragee
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Antrimlisa 1 week ago

Don't even waste your time with the "so-called" regulator in Curacao.

Just go straight to your bank and get them to process a chargeback for either misrepresentation or miscoding of gambling transactions.

1 week ago

I received notification from my bank today sure seems like they don't even want to investigate. They have said that the charge back team will look into it but I just get the feeling that they'll be nothing come from it. Very disheartening. See attachment file

Antrimlisa 1 week ago

Hi, don't go near resolver. Just ask you bank to process a chargeback on your behalf. Most banks will try and tell you they can't but that is a lie in the hope that you will give up. Explain to them what I have told you about the code 13.5 misrepresentation and also the clear Merchant miscoding which is a serious breach of Visa codes of conduct.

If they aren't willing to raise a chargeback for you remind them that it is their job to act in the best interests of their customers at all times. Ask on what grounds they refuse to raise it and ask for their reply in writing and a letter confirming that this is also their final answer. You will then be in a very strong position to raise a complaint against your bank with their regulator , Financial Services And Pensions Ombudsman Bureau (you can goggle their website if it comes to that). Keep on at your bank and don't let them palm you off just because they can't be bothered to do their job.

Antrimlisa 1 week ago

To be perfectly honest the Curacao gaming license providers are not well known for their immediate or constructive responses - in general. 

I can easily imagine that you will be ignored or receive something similar as you did from the casino... 🤯

Nevertheless, I'll wait for any update on this subject.

1 week ago

Yea well I'm not giving up without a fight. It's disgusting the way they treat people. You'd wonder has anyone actually managed to withdraw from jupi casino.

Antrimlisa 1 week ago

I checked recently resolved complaints, some players were paid after - you can browse through the complaints as well here.

I would still recommend playing only in casinos with the least good reputation, this casino is on the opposite side of the spectrum 🙁.

4 days ago

I also used a prepaid debit card to deposit money to this company and within less than a week they were able to give me the merchant used which was 7372 which is for dating and escort services. Please see their emailed sent. I have sent this to my bank. I am furious that for 2 months they have fobbed me off by saying its not a banking matter. How is a serious breach and violation not a banking issue. I have a window of 60 days to make the chargeback claim and I am almost upon it. Twice I submitted 2 dispute online forms for a chargeback and it was returned as unsuccessful twice despite all the information they asked for being submitted.

I have had such a headache and to be treated like this by your own bank. Whom I've been with for over 10 years is almost worse than what was done here. Please see attachment and thank you for your help. You guys are great.



4 days ago

So now you have all the proof that your bank needs of the serious Visa Codes and Conditions breaches by the casino with their clear miscoding to get around gambling blocks.

Good luck. I'm certain that when your bank finally gets around to processing your chargeback the casino will not dispute it so as not to draw any attention from Visa to them.

4 days ago

I have a headache with my bank they very rarely send correspondence in relation to this

4 days ago

Just remind them YOU are the THEIR customer and it is their job to act in the best interests of their customers at all times. It is YOUR money that has been scammed not theirs.

Remind them of the chargeback deadline and explain if they refuse to process it within the timeframe you will raise a compliant with their regulator. That should be enough to get their full attention.

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