Thank You for Caring

Because it is Safer Gambling Week 2021, we have decided to celebrate players that care and therefore approach gambling safely and responsibly.

  • Thank you for not making gambling your priority.
  • Thank you for approaching gambling as a form of entertainment, not as a way of making money.
  • Thank you for not chasing your losses and falling into a problem gambling spiral.
  • Thank you for being able to say "That's enough for today!" and stop playing.
  • Thank you for being able to control your gambling habits, instead of gambling controlling you.
  • Thank you for responsibly managing your finances and not losing more than you can afford.
  • Thank you for not losing track of time while gambling.
  • Thank you for being able to stop playing whenever you want to.
  • Thank you for not letting gambling influence your work performance.
  • Thank you for choosing to spend time with your family instead of gambling.

Gambling in a safe way protects not only those that partake in it, but also everyone around them, as the harmful effects of problem gambling can stretch to many people other than just the gamblers themselves.

Thanks for caring and staying safe. You are protecting yourself and your loved ones from potentially life-threatening dangers of gambling addiction.

Keep it up!

Follow the principles of safer gambling

Just in case you need a reminder, we have put together the basics of safe and responsible approach to gambling.

Safer gambling starts with the right mindset. Your approach to gambling influences every step of the way. It is crucial you are aware of the fact that you will lose money in the long run. Gambling should be first and foremost an entertainment, not as a way of making money or solving your financial issues.

That said, there are many other safe gambling principles to follow. We go in-depth on these in our article on how to gamble safely. Our article on responsible gambling tools covers technological options you can use to add an extra layer of protection and safeguard your gambling habits even further.

If you know anyone that might struggle, be there for them

On top of safeguarding our own gambling habits, the Safer Gambling Week is a great opportunity to think about our close ones and their gambling habits as well. If you know anyone that might need help, be there for them and try to help them.

But be careful. Gambling can be an extremely sensitive topic, so it is important you approach the subject carefully. We have an entire article about helping problem gamblers – check it out for more information on how to spot that someone might be a problem gambler and how to help them.

Reach out for help if you feel you might struggle yourself

Continually reevaluating your gambling habits is part of safe gambling, too. Watch out for signs of problem gambling and look at your own tendencies to see whether you should seek help or not.

Our article on how to overcome problem gambling is a good place to start of you think your gambling habits have reached unhealthy levels. You can try to do it yourself, but it is often better to reach out to problem gambling help centers that are experienced in dealing with similar issues.

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