Luky Balaz

Head of Development

Lukas is Casino Guru’s head of development. His code paved the foundation for everything the Casino Guru site is today. Lukas claims that when he was a child, he wanted to be a fireman. A dream he has achieved to a certain degree, as his job mainly consists of extinguishing complaints and a plethora of other burning issues. “I suppose that’s just what it’s like when you’re one of the leaders in your company. I like it!”

Lukas enjoys working on his code mastery or living it up with his social circle in his spare time. His other joys include meals with poppy seeds, basketball, cycle tourism, skiing, and travel - his dream is to visit every island in the Atlantic Ocean, near Europe. Outside of those activities, Lukas is known to wind down from managing company issues by indulging in a strategy game or two, where he also has to handle problems, just a different kind.