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PureWin Casino - Player experienced problems with a game.

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Submitted: 03 May 2021 | Case opened
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3 days ago - 05 May 2021

The player from India was playing a game, but then a technical glitch occurred.


I was playing one of the slots and in free spins , One of spins had great potential (cascades for every win combination) and I almost had max win combination. Casino kicks me out and that free spin is not continued and next free spin triggered without finishing last free spin.

When I reached out to support , most of support have no idea and they have specific templates to respond and more over they dont care about customer and issue.

I have sent almost 100 mails to get it sorted but their response is very bad.

I will be attaching the game history and you can see that after 16th cascade of 6th respin it didnt continue from there. It moved to 7th spin.


Dear Anil547,

Thank you very much for submitting your complaint. I’m sorry to hear about your problem. Would you be so kind and forward all the available evidence together with communication between you and the casino to kristina.s@casino.guru? I would like to gather as much information about your case as possible.

Also, could you, please indicate what the disputed amount of €100,000 stands for?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,



Hi Kristina,

Thanks for looking into it. I have shared details on your mail ID.



Casino Guru is examining the case