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• 1 week ago
If you enjoy losing your money at a breathtaking place, and having little to no chance of winning due to the games RTP being tuned way low, then by all means join Slots Ninja or any affiliated casino with this group. If you get amazingly lucky enough to get a withdrawal, I am sure they would pay you out. Good luck!
  • Good bonuses
  • Fast customer support
  • Poor game selection
  • Bad RTP percentages
• 2 weeks ago
This site and all their affiliated casinos have versions of these games that hardly ever pay out anything. While it is possible to win, its extremely unlikely and really shines a poor light on what the games should be on normal RTP. I'd really recommend playing at an RTG site using max RTP if you can find one. Not this one or Slotsroom, Roaring21, Spinfinity, Casino Max, or their new brand SlotsNinja. That said if you like throwing your money away or know how to rock the low RTP slots, give this place a go. At least they pay out if you manage to win the lottery so to speak and actually cash out something.
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  • I'm sure there is something positive to say, I'm just not the guy to say it.
  • Most everything. I would avoid like the plague.
• 5 months ago
Good luck winning there. I went through $130 bucks with very low bets and hit 1 bonus total that paid $10. Had really bad lag as well. Not what I remember from playing a year ago. I am starting to not trust RTG at all=(
  • Good bonuses
  • Good customer support
  • Good games
  • Seems unreasonably hard to hit anything and play for awhile
  • Lag is questionable. Maybe worse here than anything I have seen before, and suspicious
• 5 months ago
Awful casino that has laggy games that make you realize how unfair/rigged the games are at this casino. I played here with one deposit, and will never play here again. I have only seen this at one other casino, which was just opened and not even on here yet, Slotostars, which had the same strange lag. AVOID THESE CASINOS, maybe they will get a clue and run real games not obviously rigged ones.
  • None/Has no redeeming qualities
  • Everything