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• 6 days ago
so bad casino if it was possible to say the worst of all , stay away of this rigged casino with childy bunch of mods all what they know is muting players for any reason and without any reason, many fake players and never you can win there , wasting of money and time
  • poor features and rigged system
  • unexperienced mods
• 5 months ago
Best Scam on the net!
Throttled play, obvious House advantage, Pathetic rain from jacksclub chatbot always
the same rain catchers nearly impossible to receive that pathetic tiny rain
the VIP program is a slap in the face
They have affiliate program that is decent but all your profits just end up back in their
pockets because you have only option to withdraw to your casino wallet.
This place Lets you win big conditioning you to think thats how it will always be and then
one day the wins stop and you are always chasing them here. Like I said its the best scam on
the net not regulated by anyone or tested for player fairness.
This casino is a joke many players put hundreds in and have never once gotten enough to cash out ( and if
anyone tried to say anything negative about that will get banned immediatly by the slave mods )
there's many other places way better than this sad exuess of a casino do not recommend at all
SCAM 10000% Dont Deposit here guys Full of scam site i did not see ever in my life like this scam site Omg
Turns out to be a scam, played on it a few times and is def rigged. Don't trust people claiming it's legit.
So, honestly, if you're into gambling, go to another gambling site rather than this. You'll just end up losing your time and money with this site.
Rigged,you'll lose all your money playing there so stay away from this site.
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  • In-House games all rigged