To protect players playing across various jurisdictions, we have launched an initiative aimed at creating the world's first online gambling Global Self-Exclusion System (GSES).

Easy self-exclusion across all platforms

Players will have the option to self-exclude from all participating online operators in a simple and quick way, allowing them to stop gambling altogether if they choose to do so.

Reduction of gambling harm

Thanks to blocking their access to virtually all legitimate online gambling opportunities, further gambling-related harm can be minimized.

International Self-Exclusion Standards

The System should be based on industry best practices conducted by experts in the field, which is why we're now in the process of developing international self-exclusion standards, which will serve as the blueprint for the industry.

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Creating tools that help vulnerable players

Global Self-Exclusion Assistance Tool
Easy self-exclusion globally
Thoroughly guiding players through every step to successfully self-exclude from their existing accounts in individual casinos.
Complete autonomy
The tool functions independently based on data from Casino Guru's database, but it will be a part of the Global Self-Exclusion System in the future.
Guiding players
Offering a multitude of useful resources as well as guides on how to self-exclude, the tool will offer a useful solution for struggling individuals.
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Problem Gambling Help Organizations
Easy access to treatment centers
Our database of problem gambling help centers gives players easy access to a list of professional organizations.
Extensive and global information
The database contains an extensive list of treatment centers from all around the world, along with contact details and other essential information.
Filtering options
Players can filter the results according to multiple criteria, including country, supported languages, forms of help offered, and more.
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Educational portal that offers free interactive professional courses focused on best practices in customer service, casino bonuses, safer gambling, and other important areas of online gambling.

Enhancing relationships between players and operators

By educating industry professionals, the Academy is able to mitigate common problematic areas between players and operators.

Sharing best practice

Through continuous collaborations with various partners and our Complaint Resolution Center, the Academy is able to bring you industry best practices with every course.

Offering practical knowledge

Information provided in the courses is practical, and it often features concrete examples and case studies from our years of experience in the field.

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Setting better standards for the gambling industry

Fair Gambling Codex
Setting standards for safe and fair casinos
The codex provides a concrete blueprint of what it means to be a fair and safe casino.
Nudging casinos to do better
Out of 5,000+ online casinos reviewed by our team to date, more than 300 of them have changed their T&Cs to increase their reputation rating on our website, making it a strong motivator of change.
Focusing on both players and operators
Outlining responsibilities for both players and casinos, our fair gambling codex addresses both parties.
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Complaint Resolution Center
Leading platform for complaint resolution
Thanks to the dedication and on-hand approach of our complaint specialists, the Center has become the leader in the segment with more than 5,000 complained resolved to date.
Bridging the gap between players and casinos
Our reputation and authority allows us to be the voice of players, who are continuously finding it very difficult to resolve the issue by themselves.
Free for all
Our complaint resolution service is free of charge for all players.
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Casino Guru Awards aim to give credit where credit's due and celebrate the most successful operators and industry professionals for the impact they're making.

Recognition of hard-workers

Focusing on celebrating the most responsible and proactive industry professionals, the Awards give recognition to the industry's hardest workers.

Celebration of greatness

The Awards bring together a panel of expert judges ready to celebrate the greatest companies and their accomplishments.

Promotion of safer gambling

Since all categories are directly connected to safer gambling, the Awards send out a message that that's the right way to go.

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Providing guidance to players

Increasing the knowledge base of readers
Thanks to our extensive guide section, players can continuously build up their knowledge base and become more educated at all things gambling.
Helping players make more informed decisions
Educated players tend to make better decisions, which is, given the nature of gambling, incredibly important when playing.
Contributing to responsible play
By educating players about the risks associated with gambling and what to do when things go south, we are contributing to a safer and more responsible gambling environment.

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