Legal 22 bet?

2 months ago josepm8861
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2 months ago

Buenas tardes,

I wanted to know if 22 bet is legal for Spanish players. I understood that it was but they told me in customer service that it is my problem to know if it is or not.

I appreciate information.

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josepm8861 2 months ago

Hello, it sounds very unpolite to me, however it is always your choice 🙂 whether you'll play there or not. I can see (as you should be able too) that casino is not licenced for Spain, however they accept Spanish players. However the reputation is pretty low so I would like to be sure in advance, it there is possible future withdrawal request. I would ask the staff again and then make a screenshot. You should be very cautios, their reputation is almost zero though...

josepm8861 2 months ago

The casino's reply exactly reflects the extremely bad rating on our website. Run away from the casino and find another one 🙂

2 months ago


They have told me that if they accept Spanish players and have a license for Spanish players. I have saved the screenshot.

I want to run away from the casino, but sadly I have an unresolved long-term bet.

Comment that I was lucky and was able to withdraw my earnings previously by passing the verification process.

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josepm8861 2 months ago

Hello, so it has a relatively good ending 🙂

Where do you plan to play or bet instead, if I may know?

josepm8861 2 months ago

Nice, I'm happy for you and actually I'm quite surprised you managed to get your winnings so quickly.

2 months ago

Hello good,

I do not claim victory because I have a pending long-term bet (winner of the Spanish league) unresolved. The winnings are from other bets but I still have this pending.

What really worries me is whether it is legal to bet on this site. Do you know something about it?

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2 weeks ago

Hi everyone! My name is Emma and as a second job I am a dealer in Texas Hold Em. As a first job I help my mom's shop that has a butcher. I must say that the game of cards has always fascinated me, I have a good dexterity and I also like "not playing" but only studying the behavior and style of the various players who battle during tournaments. Every now and then I also love to make some bets on football, I found some excellent promotions on but not being very experienced I would also like your opinion. I am not very fond of games such as roulette, black jack and even less slots, I like to be in control and that the win depends above all on skill.

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EmmaPoole 1 week ago

Hello, we have a whole section here on the forum dedicated to BlackJack, Roullete, and Slots. So please next time, pick the proper forum category 🙂.

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