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1 year ago PilatoAlvarez
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1 year ago

Has anyone read about the 3 main types of sports betting strategies? I'm talking about: tie strategy, refereeing strategy, yellow card strategy. Once I won the first type of strategy and I plan to try again, I am also interested in your experience. Thank you very much!

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1 year ago

How is sports betting? I have never played, could it be that you really win more?

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1 year ago

It seems kinda weird that there's a strategy for games based on luck. Even if they are credible, I'd rather follow my urges.

YixingLao 1 year ago

There are strategies or simple rules followed by successful punters (gamblers) in sports. For example most of them never bet more than 1 match per ticket.

Then there are rules based on match analysis. If you find a certain football league where they don't score many goals, you can start betting on 0:0 or there are other leagues (usually South American) where the players often get red cards etc.

1 year ago

I usually place bets on odds where the winnings must be doubled or more. If the bet does not fit, then I look for a similar coefficient and bet the amount twice as much. So far, the strategy is bearing fruit, although too large amounts do not appear.

AntonySilva 1 year ago

What you're describing is Martingale...doubling your bets isn't a good idea, because if you lose too many times in a row, it will wipe all the money on your account.

PilatoAlvarez 1 year ago

strategy? I do not have any and I have not read any

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10 months ago

The best strategy is value betting, it can take some time, but in the end you will be profitable if you keep your stake size correct and don't let your emotions take control of you. Value betting should only be done while placing single bets! Never use accumulators, they will simply lower your chances of winning. This article about single bets explains everything in detail with examples. Basically with value betting you take a lot of small advantages you can get over the bookmaker, all of these with the same stake size, unless the value is really big. If you keep doing this, you will simply have a little more chance as 50% compared to the bookmaker, the only thing left is to keep placing bets while having a bit more chance to become profitable. I don't know any other way which will really be profitable over a longer period of time.

krenko 10 months ago

It's interesting to see that even without reading the article before, this is exactly what I do when I bet on sports. I never bet more than 1 match per ticket and the odds range from 1.6 to 3.5.

Daniel 10 months ago

In my opinion it is the only way to be profitable. If you don't count fixing matches ofcourse....

7 months ago

I always follow these 6 betting strategies when I choose to play, here these are:-

1. Manage your bankroll

2. As a bettor, be aware of your risk tolerance and should set a goal

3. Set realistic goals for yourself

4. Keep a record of your wagers and review them regularly.

5. Place your bets with your head rather than your heart

6. Beware of the "Sunk Cost Fallacy".

mirasharma 7 months ago

What's Sunk Cost Fallacy?

3 months ago

Thank you very much for the information, I have started to study the different strategies.


I have a betting application called The Challenge | Sports betting has always caught my attention.

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1 week ago

I didn't even know that there were betting strategies. Can you share some? Is started betting five years ago when I was a student, and from the beginning, I started educating myself in betting because I thought it was a good source of additional income. In the beginning, it was hard for me, but then I found out about There are shared free picks on Football matches, and I was using them almost all the time. Now I am making my predictions on Football matches, but I can use some free picks from time to time.

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