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Betswagger not given the credit it deserves

4 days ago Chillpot1995
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4 days ago

Hi everyone. I'm a sports betting person who has tried all bookies available without a doubt. In betswagger you have two different sports books to choose from with different layouts to cater to any taste. A massive range of all sports it has more games than all other bookies I've used. Your compensated for mistakes on their side. The payouts are ridiculously fast I have never had a withdrawal take longer than 24 hours. Not once. Even when withdrawn on weekends. In over a year I've only ever had positive experiences. I couldnt recommend it enough to all sports betting fans

Chillpot1995 4 days ago

So you came here 3 months ago, created an account and wrote 2 posts about how Betswagger casino is amazing. Then you've been away for 3 months and now, you suddenly decided to visit us and tell us how amazing is the Betswagger's sports book.

Yeah, seems legit 😀 😀 😀

Chillpot1995 4 days ago

Which bookmakers do you recommend when it comes to sports betting? Bet365?

Daniel 3 days ago

Are you ok ? What the hell is this website for? It's a casino forum right? To share experiences on bookmakers? Correct me if I'm wrong. If you like a company you praise it right? Betswagger is the only bookie I use and for good reason. I posted a thread here to share my positive experience. The reason for another post is the introduction of two different sports books. I personally feel that people have to know about this site because in my opinion it's better than the rest it's that simple. So yes it's "legit". Maybe try it yourself

CG99 3 days ago

Betswagger my friend give it a go I doubt highly you'll be disappointed

Chillpot1995 3 days ago

Let me explain it a bit. If you have a forum user who discusses different stuff on the forum, reacts to different people and then they mention their good experience with a casino, then of course, it seems to be legit and it sounds natural. On the other hand, when you have a user who writes 4 posts in 3 months and literally every single post is about the same: "Betswagger is awesome", then it simply doesn't look natural.

Casinos pay to different people (or they use their own employees) for posting similar stuff online. I see these posts here every week. Anyway, I haven't deleted any of your posts so anyone can make their own opinion.

On the other hand, I'm quite sensitive in cases where people try to promote casinos with extremely bad reputation on our forum. The aim of our website is simple - we, CasinoGuru, try to recommend only the best casinos that we found online (and tested couple times per year). Bet Swagger casino has a very bad reputation (2.2/10) on our website. There are cases where people won fair and square, but they didn't get their winnings anyway:

I'd be just very unhappy if someone discovered the casino on our forum, registered there, didn't get pair and then blamed us for promoting the casino on our forum.

Unfortunately, some users can't distinguish which websites are recommended by CasinoGuru and which ones are recommended by the user base. So with regards to you "Maybe try it yourself": No, thank you. I'd never play in a casino with so bad reputation.