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3 days ago Whitelighter
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3 days ago

Do you think all casinos and providers should display the RTP in clear site when the game is loaded?. I ask this because on some games you can not find it all and some you have to search forever to find it. I also ask this question because the RTP is being lowered and lowered. I have seen as low as 92.27 and a lot of games have been dropped at least 1%. Is this fair on the customers?

Whitelighter 2 days ago

Yes, I believe it should be shown for every game. Especially there are providers who allow to change RTP on their games so playing the same game in 2 different casinos can give you different RTP. That's why you need to see clearly the real RTP for every game.

Daniel 2 days ago

This is quality and how it should be done on all casinos. This is from Fruity Casa Casino.

Also on UKCasinoClub

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Whitelighter 2 days ago

It's a shame that you can't sort it by the highest RTP game, but yes, it's nice. I remember that when I worked for LeoVegas, we started adding this information for every game around 2016. For example here when you scroll down:

It's in the "Game facts" section.