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Book of Dead is crap!!

1 month ago nigeljc
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1 month ago

I have tried Book of Dead slot a few times and all I have to say in a word is that it’s CRAP!!

nigeljc 1 month ago

I also never liked it, but to be fair, it's one of the most played free games that we have on our website. So apparently, people like it.

1 month ago

Book of dead is one of my favorites !!!!!! 😍😍

I think the slot is indispensable 🙂

I used to only play in arcades and games like Book of Ra or others from Novomatic were very present.

For a few years now there have been no gambling halls in Austria / Vienna because they have been banned 😑

That's why I like to play games like Book of Dead because I started with games like that 🙂

Daniel, I have a question, when I register in casinos I see some Novomatic games but I cannot play them because they are banned from my country. Are there casinos where I can play Novomatic games?

Would be really great.

We have a site called Win2day, which is also rated very well by you, but I think this site is really bad without wanting to be angry.

I played there continuously for 1 year and never really got any good winnings, let alone requested a payout!

I know this is all a game of chance, but at Win2day I could even swear that something is wrong there.

For me as someone who plays a lot, win2day is the worst casino there is on the planet 🙂

But that's just my opinion !

I would be very happy to receive an answer!

Would really like to play Book of Ra, Lord of the Ocean, Faust, Beatle Mania and some other games again just not on win2day!

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CasinoStreamer88 1 month ago

Hehe, regarding Win2day - it's difficult to give the casino a bad rating only because you didn't win there 😀 It seems like they've got fair terms and conditions, people don't complain too much against them, they're controlled by a national licensing authority...

Regarding the casino where you can play Novomatic games - I contacted our head of testers. I hope we'll be able to find a tester who can answer this. Let's wait a bit 🙂

CasinoStreamer88 1 month ago

I got a reply from our tester. Unfortunately the tester had some real issues with adding posts to the forum so I was asked to post it here. The text will follow in my next post🙂

CasinoStreamer88 1 month ago

"Hello, I read what you wrote are 2 pages that I know and I have played and they are accessible in Austria and have novomatic games. Netbet, pokerstars mr Green, at mister Green there is a lot of advertising in now Austria and on buses, and win2day is really good, I had a lot of winnings and you get and quick money, and the casino halls in Austria are at least here where I am, I have them and in the village with me. "

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CasinoStreamer88 1 month ago

Hello, I read what you wrote are 2 pages that I know and I have played and they are accessible in Austria and have novomatic games. netbet, pokerstars mr Green, at mister Green there is a lot of advertising now in Austria and in buses, and win2day is really good, I had a lot of wins and you got and quick money, and the casino halls are there in Austria at least here, where I am, I have and in the village with me

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1 month ago


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Maimuta1344 1 month ago

Hehe, thanks for the great tips. Just as far as I remember CasinoStreamer88, didn't like Win2day at all for some reason 😀

Maimuta1344 3 weeks ago

Thank you for your answers dear Maimuta, I will definitely visit the pages today 🙂!

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Daniel 3 weeks ago

Personally, I think win2day is a site where you could argue about it 🙂 😛

I'm really nobody on the pages badly rated just because he has bad luck for a few weeks! 🙂

Although I've been registered with Win2day for almost 2 years, I never even asked for 1 single payout, let alone a profit that was higher than 100 × my stake.

I am actually someone who plays a lot and accordingly deposits and withdraws in various casinos, but that I really do not get any decent winnings for many, many months that lead to a payout is anything but normal for me 🙂

I don't know if it's just unbelievable bad luck or something else 🙂

Although I am of this opinion, I did not give a bad rating at the Win2day casino, which I could theoretically do 🙂

I really only rate casinos badly when they act fraudulently, but not only because I lose 🙂

But I also know some of my friends who feel the same way 🙂

I would really recommend you to register there if that works or ask someone who can register there and then test this casino 🙂

I think you rarely get free spins !!!!

Or only for me it's like this S: 😂

In any case, I don't mean that angry or anything, but for me personally it is not a place where joy comes 🙂

In Austria you can also visit games halls, but in Vienna it has been completely banned for several years.

We don't have a single game in Vienna 😑

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Daniel 3 weeks ago

I have now looked through all 3 pages where everyone was registered 🙂 and Pokerstars do not have Novomatic games.

Have looked through all of them carefully but unfortunately no Novomatic games 😑

I also wrote to the support but only confirmed that there are no Novomatic games available for Austria.

@ Maimuta1344, do you use VPN? Otherwise it is a mystery to me how you can play Novomatic games 🤔🙂

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agungkempots009 3 weeks ago

Hi 🙂 ✌🏼✌🏾

CasinoStreamer88 3 weeks ago

I'm a Novomatholic as well. They just vanished from the slothalls in Germany. But they coming back. Novomatic rebuild all of them for online casinos and they are launched under the name greentube There aren't much casinos around at the moment running them but you can try them at the greentube site. Don't worry, not long and "The Ra" will kick those Playngo wannabes form the market.

Edited by author 3 weeks ago
CasinoStreamer88 3 weeks ago

3 weeks ago

I follow Greentube on Instagram, but I had no idea they rebuilt the Novomatic games 🙂 They look like a bunch of cool people.

CasinoStreamer88 3 weeks ago

If you feel like something isn't right when you play there, then fortunately you always have the option to play elsewhere. I also don't like the fact that many people rate casinos badly only because they didn't win there. Especially when the winnings and losses and mostly influenced by game providers, RTP and the games you play there. If the casino doesn't decrease RTP on games, then they have nothing to do with players bad luck.

Frankey 3 weeks ago

Unfortunately, they have also disappeared here in Vienna.

Had a lot of games here.

To be honest, I miss sitting in front of the machines and gambling 🙂 definitely more fun than in front of the PC or mobile phone 🙂

But thanks for the tip, I will need the site sometime.


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Daniel 3 weeks ago

I will try my luck a few more times and if nothing works, I won't play there any more 🙂

Unfortunately, there are too many people who deposit money and immediately after losing, give the casino a bad rating just because they were not lucky.

To be honest, I think that's a shame for the casinos as they are rated so worse than they actually are.

I am of the opinion that you should prove that you are registered in the casino for 3 months and have a certain number of deposits and withdrawals before you can rate a casino.

I'm sure there are people who rate casinos badly even though they have never played there.

A system would be really good for the casinos so that everything stays fair.

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Daniel 3 weeks ago

Daniel, may I ask where you like to play? If you even play it 😛

I would really be interested in where people play who have a lot of experience like you, for example 🙂

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