mines let's win

1 month ago Manoelseixas1969
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1 month ago

Let's go win at mines

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Manoelseixas1969 1 month ago

mines? The old Microsoft Windows game?

file 🙂

Radka 1 month ago

Thats looks insane would be great if a Casino had such a game

Peterjohan81 1 month ago

Well, those columns are not capable of any spin it sounds like a challenge to remake the mines to be considered a casino game. 😀

Not sure what would the Microsoft say about that idea. 😂

2 weeks ago

How to cash in gaming miles here

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junrielanolin7 2 weeks ago


Well, we are not the casino, so you are not able to deposit and withdraw as well. All games are just for fun 🙂

Anyway, what are these "miles"?

Edited by author 2 weeks ago
1 week ago

I played this game years ago!😂

Leonmed 1 week ago

I believe we all did. Was pretty famous when Microsoft 3,1 was released in 1992.

Wow, time flows like a wild river - completely unstoppable! 😁

1 week ago

Since we are not a casino, you cannot make deposits or withdrawals through us either. All games are just leisure.

Monkey Mart

Still, how many "miles" is that?

Edited by Radka 6 days ago
Reason: Forbidden link
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dietrichvidal 6 days ago

I wonder how many casino games lover would be intentionally interested in free monkey management game🤔:


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