ForumGeneral Gambling DiscussionHas anything been withdrawn from Hellcasino?

Has anything been withdrawn from Hellcasino?

2 months ago by ginana1
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2 months ago

I wonder if anyone has played at Hellcasino and received their winnings.

Won 380 e yesterday and made a withdrawal. Verified me with document without problem, made a withdrawal again almost 25 hours ago.

Since 8:40 today it has been paid out, it says success but no money has arrived in my bank account... they say in the chat that it can take 5 working days.... is this normal?

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2 months ago

Which Hellcasino exactly are yo talking about, if I may ask? I am not quite sure. 🤔 Could you, perhaps, write their URL for us, just to make sure we don't make any mistake?🙏

I reckon you should try to check with your bank about that, to ask what is the standard time to process this kind of payments, maybe. Keep us updated, please.

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