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Getting verified cancelled my redemptiom

2 months ago by rheinboltm
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2 months ago

I have been playing for a while now and always received my winnings within 3 days! Tried to redeem last week and asked for identification verification. Uploaded 3 separate verifications per what they asked for and all were denied. I have money to be paid out and no one is returning my emails So frustrating. Please help!

2 months ago

Hey there!

Help is coming! Just let us focus on the necessities first, shall we?

What document have you provided, and why did it get denied? Don't hesitate to share a screenshot showing what the casino told you about that.

If you lack any explanation, though, reach out to the casino and ask what seems to be wrong. And finally, to exclude the usual issues, did you follow the instructions to the letter? I mean, your docs were in the appropriate uncropped format, providing visible information?

I imagine you did not expect so many questions, yet it is necessary to find a way out. Speaking of which, care to name the casino, perhaps?

Well, I'm here, ready for your answers.

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