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Clarifications on withdrawals and taxes

7 months ago by Delta
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7 months ago

Hi, I would like to ask for information. I would like to withdraw a winnings from the mystake site, but when do I have to declare them, that is, in addition to what amount, must they be declared and do I have to pay taxes in Italy?

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7 months ago

Have you tried to ask your tax office?

Sadly, I'm not familiar with the situation in Italy. 🙁 Let's see whether you'll find some local sources here.

4 months ago

Hello, I would like to ask about the taxes for winnings on slot machines, if I understand it, I should calculate how much I sent from my personal account to the casino and how much I sent from the casino to my account, and accordingly calculate how much I am in plus or minus

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4 months ago


I would personally say that the financier will be interested in incoming payments. What you describe is more of a balance.

I'm sure you won't be thrilled with my answer, but it takes Googling and research.

Eg: here 👈

"Winnings from games according to points 2 to 6 are subject to taxation and a rate of 15% applies to them. In contrast to lotteries, the tax is not deducted by the game operator for bets and other games of chance, but you must pay it yourself as part of the tax return. If the tax base for the given type of income does not exceed CZK 50,000, income from this type of game is exempt from tax and does not even have to be reported in the tax return."

It helped? 🤷‍♂️

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