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Are the profits given by the companies controlled?

8 months ago by nickcrawl
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8 months ago

I have been playing slots for many years and having many acquaintances and friends who play and at the same time I am an administrator on a page where people talk about ONLINE casinos.

In the majority of players I notice a certain pattern.

A new account within 2 months will make at least 2 big wins and some smaller ones.

When the player starts playing more often, his account changes behavior and you don't get a win at all. I opened a PTV account during the quarantine and it was playing very well.

After 6 months and until today, we are talking about 3 years, I can't earn more than 300 euros. The same goes for too many people.

So I ask. Certainly the companies see your ip and mobile even if you play on other people's accounts.

I believe that the winnings are controlled by algorithms and are usually given to new players until they get stuck playing often and then never win. Those who have been abstinent for a long time also win.

I have seen it happen to a lot of people, especially to me.

A friend who suffered the same and his account from where he kept giving profits then stopped giving money and opened a new account in his sister's name. He entered from other computers there, not from his own and sometimes from his mobile phone. The account was playing as his own was playing at the beginning and now it is not playing.

Do you think the profits can be directed to specific player patterns? Can they check them or not?

Also a person who works in an ONLINE casino told me that in Greece the profits are fully controlled and the rtp is also changed.

Are all of these valid?

I listen to opinions.

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8 months ago

You are 100 percent spot on atleast there’s some awake people they are all scams us come over to how discord we have started it’s about the same thing

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8 months ago

I'm quite convinced it does not work like this in decent casinos. In casinos, where only games designed by well-known licensed game providers are offered. Although I understand many players believe they have somehow experienced that, I have never seen reliable proof for myself.

I think it is truly important not to delve into "someone told me this" and "someone told me that". This is where legends are born 🙂 and truth became just a word.

From my point of view, all such suspicions should be forwarded to the licensing and local authorities.

Especially if you know a person in the casino who told you this.

I also have my doubts about the world of casino games, but I'm quite convinced casinos do not hire IT specialists or programmers to alter games based on the players' history or statistics.

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