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An aspiring casino analyst here...

3 years ago by torodanny
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3 years ago

I have recently started my own blog to review and assess both slots and online casinos. I try to focus mainly on player experience. I would appreciate it a lot if you would take a look at my work and please get back to me with any points I can improve on. 

My blog is - Thanks in advance!

3 years ago

What I like the most are the articles that are very detailed and divided into different sections. The main issue I see on the website is the lack of info about available markets. To give you an example, I'm from the Czech Republic, but when I look at the casino reviews on the website, I have no idea if they're available in my country.

3 years ago

We are doing now the Danish version for the multilingual site slotozilla -

Nice remark about including the info about what countries the casino is available. I think we'll take it also into consideration while writing the casino reviews. We will try to add as many details as possible, not only about geo-location.

As for casinospies site, it is done quite well, but I would not put the review of the slot into the category "top casino reviews".

And probably in the drop-down menu "all casino reviews" I would put the reviews of, for example, 5-10 top reviews

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