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Help to find Igaming Platforms

4 days ago GULDBORG
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4 days ago

I hope you can help or point me in the right direction.

I am looking for providers of Igaming - those who provide the software but not the games for casino and betting platforms.

Are there any who can help me in the right direction - maybe to a list online or a group where I can get help.

Thanks in advance.

// Martin

GULDBORG 4 days ago

Hi, I believe that you can look at the list of game providers we have on our website. It's quite a lot of brands. The biggest ones are on the top:

Daniel 2 days ago

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for getting back to me - from my understanding, the list that you link to is the providers of games and not the software - or are the two attached to the occasion software providers is the same company that also provide the games?

Looking forward to hear back from you´?


GULDBORG yesterday

The game providers can have their own software or they work with the standard software that is used by any studio that creates any type of games. So it would be better to contact them and ask.