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1 week ago mporio18
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1 week ago

Can anyone help me to find out whom to contact with if I want to place my website online casino in Casino Guru here thanks for your help !

mporio18 1 week ago


we do not support advertising. If you browse our website, you won't find any 🙂

Radka 1 week ago

So how can Casino Guru's team promoting or putting my own gambling sites in this website ?

mporio18 1 week ago


that is something different, kindly share the link and our dedicated review team will make a full-scale review. If you care to learn more, you are welcome to read this article:

Just a note, you can find "contact" in the "About us" section at the bottom of the website😉:


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Radka 1 week ago

file How long does it will takes ? Thank You for the information

mporio18 1 week ago

The review itself is done in a few days, though it can take up to weeks till the casino is listed on the website.

Can you paste the casino link right here? I can forward it to the data team immediately. 🌟

Radka 1 week ago

Website Name : 18HOKI

Website Link :

Here is the informations, Thank you very much for your help

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mporio18 1 week ago


thank you - I forwarded the link t the proper team 👍.

Give us some time please for the review, please.

Radka 1 week ago

Hey Can I also Add a website here to review ? Thanks !

Radka 1 week ago

And How would we know If Team for Review already finished ? Will you text me by email or something ? Thank a lot for the time ma'am !

mporio18 1 week ago

We don't send emails in this case, but I can see it on the list of casinos that need to be reviewed so I'm sure it's going to be reviewed. It could be done within a week, but I'll rather say 2 weeks. We add around 160 casinos per month so it can sometimes take time.

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nunukhusainiputri 1 week ago

If it's an online casino that isn't reviewed on CasinoGuru, then of course, we'll be happy if you add it here.

Daniel 1 week ago

Okay Sir thank you very much ! I will keep rechecking In 1 - 2 weeks again , Very very thanks !

mporio18 1 week ago

No worries, it will be the best if you wait a bit 👍

Daniel 6 days ago

Sir I want to add a casino here, may I sent here the direct link so you could help me to send immediately to the proper team ? Thank you very much I'm waiting for your reply Sir have a Good Day !

nunukhusainiputri 6 days ago


just paste the link here, and I'll forward it directly 😉

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Radka 5 days ago

Okay Mr/Mrs

Casino Name : Juara Mpo

Link :

I will add some note maybe that could help you when do a research & review

  • Annual Income About 13,000,000,000 Rp
  • Licensed By Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation
  • Terms & Conditions can be seen once you had an account then you can go to profile and check it
  • Establish since 2015
  • Owner held by MPO PLAY
  • This casino have live games which is can be access in live casino menu
  • There also a couple of deposit bonuses which is can be seen in promotion menu from the website

Thank you very much I hope this will help your team doing a review

nunukhusainiputri 5 days ago


thank you very much - forwarded the site to be reviewed and I added a link to your post, so my colleagues can see those details attached 😉.

I will notify you as soon as the review is compleeted. Just mind that the whole process takes sometimes even a few weeks. So I ask you to be patient 🙏

Radka 5 days ago

That's great, I can't wait to see the result ! Anyway thank you very much have a good day everyone 🙏

nunukhusainiputri 4 days ago

You are very welcome, we appreciate such cooperation because new casinos rise daily and we could use any help to keep track! 🙂

Have a good one too!

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