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2 months ago donnabarton2802
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donnabarton2802 2 months ago

Hello, it is unfortunate you played in casino with reputation score 0. See for yourself here, please.

It clearly indicates, that playing in this casino is the real hazard, since they also has no licence at all, there is hardly any way... Why they allowed to have slots with jackpot over 5,000? Because they don't care and furthermore, it's you who should check their T&C in the first place... this is their best argument I'm afraid. 🙁

2 weeks ago

I find this website great, I am awaiting a £400 payout though. I have drawn their attention to this site and will update here if/when I get paid out. I hope they do as I will continue using this site in the future.

Mattyc 2 weeks ago

Good to know, keep us posted 🙂

2 weeks ago

The money looks like it has left my casino account, it hasn’t hit bank account yet but looking hopeful. Will keep updated.

Mattyc 2 weeks ago

Fingers crossed 🙂

2 weeks ago

Woohoo, money arrived, all £400 of it. This seems to be legit so I will give this casino a thumbs up. I have deposited more as they have a good reload bonus so wish me luck.

Mattyc 1 week ago

Awesome!! 😀 However it still has a terrible reputation. Only hope you will not "burn your fingers" there!

Radka 1 week ago

Thanks. I will keep updating the site.

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