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Battle for my withdraw..

1 week ago Rseeb78
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Rseeb78 1 week ago

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Actually I believe that the birth certificate should be alright + any document proving that you used the other name when you were married. Basically, the casino needs to a proof that the person with 2 different surnames is the same person.

Let's see if submitting the complaint helps. I hope it will help to speed up the process 🙂

Rseeb78 6 days ago

The birth certificate should be enough to prove your maiden name. Then you need some document to prove that you changed the name after marriage, but it could be anything including utility bills. This sounds awkward.

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Rseeb78 5 days ago

Ofc, if you have your legal last name on the driver's license, there's no need to provide a marriage certificate. That doesn't make any sense.

Rseeb78 4 days ago

Unfortunately as Petronela already mentioned below your complaint, the casino group refuses to deal with player complaints against them. You can even contact the licensing authority (Malta) regarding this. If you don't know how, I'm sure Petronela can give you a hand.