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Play in another country?

5 days ago Frankey
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5 days ago
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I live in Germany. The problem is the German rules for playing online. You cannot play higher than 1 euro. Is there a way to get around that? Register as a German in another country in the casino?

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Frankey 4 days ago

Yes, basically the only option is to register in a casino that accepts German players, but isn't licensed in Germany. If you manage to win a bit, it's also better to test the withdrawals options, because some casinos often accept players from many countries, but once they need to pay them, they realise that they have real issues sending the money to the player's bank - because the bank doesn't want to accept money from foreign casinos.

Anyway, have you been used to bet over 1 eur per spin?

Daniel 4 days ago

I used to play megaway slots. You won't get far with them if you can only put 1 euro on a spin

Frankey 4 days ago

When I had a good session with a casino, I put some money on the side for use in megaways. Knowing I could win some or lose it. That way it didn't hurt so much when nothing came back

Frankey 2 days ago

So have you managed to find any decent casino where you can bet over 1 eur per spin?

Daniel 2 days ago

No and I didn't look. It's not that important. I have some slots that have some high payouts for now

Frankey yesterday

What are the slots? 😀 It'd say many people here would appreciate some good tips 🙂


Important! This works in Germany where you can't get higher as 1euro a spin. Same slots may react differently where you can bet a higher amount

Hell's kitchen

Rise of Athena

Twin spin megaways

Disco diamonds