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1 year ago by blackovergrey
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1 year ago
If you want to discuss anything related to Looniebet Casino, such as its games, bonuses, payment methods, issues with your account, responsible gambling features, or anything else, you can do so here.
1 year ago

The Casino has not paid me in weeks. They claimed they have way to many withdrawals to process. Please be careful !

1 year ago


Good you were paid, I'd say. I'm always quite worried about delayed payments in casinos with lower ratings...

Speaking of which, did you see that?

Thanks for the warning!

1 year ago

Hi Radka,

I did not say I was paid. I said this casino has not paid my winnings in over 3 weeks.

1 year ago

Oh, my bad! I thought you were paid, but it took several weeks - I'm sorry 😒.

Saw your complaint briefly, and I hope you'll get the money soon.

One way or another, I would personally find another more decent casino to play in.

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