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Sunrise Slots Casino Review
Accepts players from Virginia
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Casino operates without an official license!
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Casino operates without a license
This casino operates without a license. As a result, the casino does not have to follow rules set by licensing authorities. Additionally, you will not be able to turn to any licensing authority if you run into issues.

Sunrise Slots Casino Review

We've thoroughly reviewed Sunrise Slots Casino and gave it a questionable reputation rating. This casino has some good qualities, but also a lot of negatives because of which it's better to play elsewhere. In our review, we've considered the casino's player complaints, estimated revenues, license, games genuineness, customer support quality, fairness of terms and conditions, withdrawal and win limits, and other factors. So, if you were ever wondering whether this casino is safe and legit or a scam, read the full review below to learn more.

According to our research and estimates, Sunrise Slots Casino is a smaller online casino revenue-wise. The revenue of a casino is an important factor, as bigger casinos shouldn't have any issues paying out big wins, while smaller casinos could potentially struggle if you manage to win really big.

Sunrise Slots Casino is operating without a valid license.

We currently have 9 complaints about this casino in our database. Because of these complaints, we've given this casino 1,353 black points in total. You can find more information about all of the complaints and black points in the 'Reputation explained' part of this review.

Warning: Sunrise Slots Casino has certain sections of Bonus Terms and Conditions that we consider to be unfair to the casino's players. These might cause you issues if you decide to take advantage of the casino's bonuses or promotions. Because of this, we advise you to look for a casino with fair rules or at least pay special attention to this casino's Terms and Conditions if you decide to play at it.

As we already mentioned, we've given Sunrise Slots Casino a questionable reputation rating. That means that while it's not completely bad, it does have some negative qualities because of which it's advisable to look for a better online casino to play at.


No Deposit Bonus:
Not available

Payment methods

Payment methods
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No betting
Video poker
No bingo
No baccarat
No jackpot games
No live games
No poker
No craps
No scratch cards
No eSports betting
No crash games

Language options

English website
English customer support
English live chat

Game providers


  • The casino is Bitcoin-friendly
  • Live chat support is available 24/7


  • Bonuses available just for few countries
  • Live dealer games are not available
  • Games from only one software provider - RTG

Interesting facts

  • Small casino targeting the United States and Canada
  • Players must be 21 or over
  • Average monthly withdrawal limit
Author & Guarantor: Natalia Burlutskaia Last updated: 20 Apr 2022 Anything incorrect or missing? Let me know
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Sunrise Slots Casino bonuses

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User reviews (63)

User reviews of Sunrise Slots Casino

This is a place to share experience with Sunrise Slots Casino. Read what other players wrote about it or write your own review and let everyone know about its positive and negative qualities based on your personal experience.


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• 2 days ago

[So tonight I am recovering from an injury that has made it extremely challenging to perform simple daily tasks and I can only move with the aid of crutches at short distance. My new car met with a large wild animal and does not look so new now. I have just moved across country and won a small amount from A DIFFERENT CASINO that preceded to block me and has still not finished answering why - so it was with some mixed feelings that I had come upon Sunrise Slots and since they have the same Inclave login system, I was worried that perhaps it was not worth trying to play here - BUT - ]

I have been drawn back daily for their thoughtful promotions, truly stand out friendly 24 hour chat staff, their unbelievably awesome tournament system and so I said to myself... I am going to give this casino a chance because I shouldn't allow a bad experience with another business color my opinion of this casino.

So far they walked the walk and did the talk and just kept up the kindest and most generous attitudes. I love the tournament format and their regular games are awesome.

So I made my first deposit, a rather large and trusting sum being new to the brand and seeing some iffy ratings - but I am a gambler SO - I just went out on a limb to take a chance.

As luck would have it, after my series of disaster life events, posted up here unable to get far from my gambling nook, I watched as my bankroll dwindled and rose and then like a bolt of lightning out of the blue I watched with glee and wonder as I hit a bonus on a linking coin style feature. As the coins Locked in I saw one lock and it read MAJOR. In the middle of my bonus spins that one token won me over $3k.

I could have cashed and ran but I continued my play and was very pleased with ever game. They all seemed fair and overall an excellent fun night of play.

I decided on my final amounts to cash and to keep in the casino bankroll to continue more play and submitted the request.

That my dear reader is where this review shall become a little different than some as I decided that, Casino Guru approving of course, I would share this review and my positive experience at the casino and continue to update the review as I hopefully await the winnings. Felt that by doing this other readers can get a real time view at what so far has been a world class A+ place and to see the process unfold.

I elected BTC as my deposit and payout. I submitted my forms and ID was approved - I chatted with a great support agent and he explained payout approval would be about 7-10 days and the actual payout would be 7-10 days following that. So being top of the month, looks like I will be expecting payout to come right around twenty days from now at most. I happen to have my birthday around then so double awesome if it goes well. maybe this casino is going to be the best place ever - so far it has all the right stuff.

My only feedback for improvement or ask would be for them to have a faster (same day would be grand) payout - but I'll wait for a win rather than be locked out without my wins (as happened to me with the last place I tried prior to finding my new happy spot at Sunrise Slots) any day - wouldn't you?

I hope you give them a try as well and check back as I report the steps and timing of the payout procedure.

I will admit when I logged back into the casino tonight I feared getting the same booted out screen I get from that other Inclave entry casino I mentioned and it iced my veins with momentary fear... but up came the Welcome back, Jack sign and all was still looking great.

I am nervous to get excited about the win until I see that it is paid, it is a shame the way one bad place can wreck the fun and hurt the industry - but so far Sunrise Slots is the place that is teaching me to love and trust online gaming again and if they keep up the great work and continue to do as the promised then they have a fan for life right here! I shall follow up for all who are interested and good luck one and all. Thanks Sunrise for being awesome so far and thanks Casino Guru for providing us this forum to bring online gaming to the next level.
I am nervous to get excited about the win until I see that it is paid, it is a shame the way one bad place can wreck the fun and hurt the industry - but so far Sunrise Slots is the place that is teaching me to love and trust online gaming again and if they keep up the great work and continue to do as the promised then they have a fan for life right here! I shall follow up for all who are interested and good luck one and all. Thanks Sunrise for being awesome so far and thanks Casino Guru for providing us this forum to bring online gaming to the next level.
  • great chat support team I love the positivity
  • awesome tournaments for all players
  • nice site well designed
  • seems legit so far - deposit was fast with BTC
  • no license
  • have not yet received first payout - estimated payout is 20 days will update when this changes -
• 1 week ago
So this review is just based on my experience. I’m fairly new playing slots online so out of curiosity watching friends play I decided to look into it. I found out about no deposit bonuses and that was it, I was or actually now signed up for so many different online casinos. I’ve won big multiple no deposit bonuses at various casinos and I was not successful in getting my winnings. There was always some type of barrier getting verified and it was always a long drawn out process. What I absolutely love about sunrise slots is the daily free spins! They are definitely generous with free spins and tournaments (which I just learned existed. And at that point I still hadn’t deposited. Just getting a feel for their site and playing free spins and getting comfortable with all the various games, and I finally was able to get enough payout that withdraw was an option. I just read the fine print & made sure that I was even eligible. Customer service for me was great, it was a few days before they received my application, and than they completed the verification process. After that the transaction time was a few days. I didn’t think they would send it because of all the bad reviews I read & figured since I hadn’t deposited any $ that I wasn’t losing any thing anyways! But sure enough , there was in my wallet! I was still stunned I ended up depositing and playing some more and I just really like this casino. Even a few days after I received I looked at my phone I had. Voice mail from them calling to verify that I had received it! In my book that’s great customer service, it’s crazy how far great customer service will go, this is my go to casino because of that!
  • Awesome customer service!
  • Generous daily spins and promotions, free tournaments, VIP program, a sunrise club and then some!
  • Just a simple standard interface, doesn’t need fancy bells & whistles
  • Sometime games would lag in between spins getting stuck during play.
• 3 weeks ago
So I’ve only been gambling for about three months and the last 6-8 weeks I’ve been playing mainly at sunrise and for the most part I was happy because I wasn’t just dumping money down the drain due to the great bonuses offered. I of course took full advantage of them and would lose some then win some. I’ve gotten most of my withdrawal attempts after arguing and telling the customer service people how to do their job correctly for hours on end. Stupid but whatever it was getting me paid… I was a vip2 and had deposited three times within 24 hrs cuz I knew I was about due for a win because they’re games have patterns of hitting decent. 3 deposit I win a bit and cashout with Coindraw and maybe 12 hrs later I want to deposit again with my standard bonus and it tells me my player status has changed so I cant t use that coupon so I go to chat to find out what’s up and they tell me my player status has changed and come to find out they changed it to where I don’t get any bonuses no cashback no nothing because I’m able to prolong my gameplay farther than they anticipated and that my deposit to withdraw ratio is way better than 90+% of their other players. So basically I was not losing enough money for them!! what a shit hole. (still waiting because they changed it from Coindraw to Bitcoin withdrawal)
  • Easy to manipulate slots
  • Too many to count hence why I won’t deposit there again
• 3 weeks ago
I just wrote this review on Trustpilot about Sunrise and didn't want to write a new one here.. lazy lol.. but it says what I feel about Sunrise.. hopefully it helps someone.. Also I did use the Coindraw method to my bitcoin wallet but I was scared because I'd never heard of Coindraw but I had no problems..

I haven't written too many reviews on here, but I wanted to give a great review for Sunrise Slots online casino! I was surprised to see some negative reviews because I LOVE this casino!! I have recently won 1,000.00 on a 1k daily freeroll tournament and I had no problems withdrawing my winnings into my bitcoin wallet. I have nothing bad to say about Sunrise slots even if I didn't win money! The site is easy to use, the customer support is awesome and the games are really fun. They have great bonuses and different VIP programs etc.. I am a big time online casino player and have tons of experiences from many casinos and truthfully Sunrise is my favorite regardless of winning or not. I do win quite often too. Their slots aren't too tight, pretty much like most other casinos who use RTG software Slots. So this is my review of Sunrise! Highly recommended and definitely 5 stars!! I've been playing there regularly for 3 months or so with no problems also. Thanks🤗
  • Got my money in 5 days with no issues
• 3 weeks ago
Sunrise Slots is a small but great casino site! They have a decent game selection, responsive customer support on live chat, good bonuses, and a very good VIP program. I requested two withdrawals and they paid them both within 5 days of the initial request. They also recently announced that they are improving crypto payouts to ensure 90% are paid in 24 hours or even instantly!
  • easy navigation
  • easy withdrawal process
  • good bonus/VIP program
• 3 weeks ago
After having submitted a complaint which eventually was named unresolved, and waiting 4 1/2 months, sunrise did eventually pay me most of my requested withdrawal amount.
I've received communication from sunrise stating the problems were with a 3rd party, and they are now paying most withdrawls in less than 24 hours. We'll, see, as I have a new pending withdrawal right now. Assuming sunrise follows through on their new rapid payout commitment, I'll bump this review another star or 2.
• 3 weeks ago
Ami gave me a bonus of 35 cunpmli all the wagering requirements I win 100 when I try to withdraw. The answer is there is no bonus for your location and that they gave me to amuse hahahaha
• 1 month ago
absolutely the worse online casino. upon winning i couldnt withdraw money even after speaking with support. after cashing out at a sister site i tried sunrise again by canceling withdraw. well afterwards i lost on every game and every bet amount no matter the game or bet amount. had to argue with support in order to close the account. THIS CASINO WILL MANIPULATE YOUR ACCOUNT!! BEWARE!!
• 1 month ago
I just have to comply with the rules and that's it, good promos and excellent customer service on my part
  • easy withdrawal of earnings
• 1 month ago
I get 10 times 20 free spins for the Sweet 16 slot from them almost every day. Yesterday I managed to get 350 euros. I identified myself quickly and everything was fine up to then. Then I wanted to cash out and they told me that would not work for people from my country, i.e. Germany. In my account, however, it says ready for payment. Then it says you can deposit real money, the bonus is only play money and cannot be withdrawn. I find this to be an absolute fraudulent casino Offers from this casino. I still have 100 euros there, but they can rot there, you can’t do anything with them anyway. After a long discussion, they closed the chat, I should come back if I want to deposit. Such casinos should be blocked from Casino Guru It's one of the worst casinos I've come across in my long gaming career. Although I've mentioned several times that I'm from Germany, they still send theirs dirty advertising. People don't go there and throw your money out the window. It's amazing what advertising casinos send out over the holidays. The greatest and best casino is Casino ONE CASINO. I get free spins on all holidays and birthdays without end,and the chat is always nice and friendly.what you should change there is no bonus when you deposit with Paysafe,and the payout doesn't take 24 hours.
  • I can't think of anything positive to say about it.
  • Few and boring slots that hang and snag and unfriendly customer service.
• 1 month ago
Got a no deposit bonus and wagered it. I wanted to cash out $2,200 and email all the documents there. An email came back saying something was missing. Everything was sent again and again, and the same mail came back again, something was still missing. It went on like that for weeks, then I didn't feel like going back and forth anymore and gambled everything away. I cannot recommend Sunrise Slots any more.
  • Very bad casino when it comes to withdrawals.
• 1 month ago
I just received a withdrawal from a no deposit bonus, I honestly thought I wouldn't get paid for the comments I read
• 1 month ago
This casino offers good bonuses, however, the slots machines are tight and I mean tight. Don't waste your time or money. I have played here alot. And the slots are getting tighter. I won't play here anymore.
• 1 month ago
Received a coupon code for 15 free spins. Won 25.00 off the free spins. I kept playing I'm currently at 985.00. I took the stupid selfie picture and a picture of my ID and not a single person has gotten back to me. The first freaking red flag is that it says that this casino is not licensed. Second red flag all the other reviews on here lol. I'll stick with ignition casino. I have won many times and I receive a check in the mail within 2 weeks. Go check that casino out!
• 1 month ago
SunriseSlots online casino has been a big disappointment for me. I had expected a certain level of finesse, integrity, and transparency, which I did not receive. Instead, I was met with confusion and blatant disregard for my trust as both a player and an individual.

The lack of clear communication from the casino made it seem like my trust was not being adequately reciprocated. I put my money into this casino, expecting to be treated fairly and honestly. Unfortunately, that did not happen.

I was also disappointed with the overall customer service from SunriseSlots online casino. Queries were met with slow cut-and-paste responses or none at all, and when I asked for help, I received a lack of understanding on their part. This made it difficult for me to have faith in the casino's commitment to providing an enjoyable experience.

In addition, I have experienced unfair practices such as withholding winnings or delaying payments along with an unfair Terms Of Service agreement which further undermined my trust in this casino. These combined factors have proven to be too much for me, so I decided to take my business elsewhere.

Overall, SunriseSlots online casino has been a colossal letdown. I cannot recommend it to anyone who values their money and trust. If you're looking for an online casino with integrity and transparency, then this is not the place for you.
  • 24/7 customer service support
  • Play from the comfort and convenience of your own home
  • Benefit from extra bonuses when using certain payment methods for deposits and withdrawals
  • Poor customer service, slow or non-existent responses
  • Unfair practices such as withholding winnings or delaying payments
  • Lack of transparency and communication with players
  • Unfair Terms Of Service agreement which are difficult to follow them all perfectly.
  • Feeling of confusion and disregard for individual players
  • Lack of commitment to providing an enjoyable experience
  • Verification process is very slow
  • They look for every excuse NOT to pay out
  • They deny payouts frequently
• 2 months ago
So I have read all the reviews left here and they are all spot on. Not much to add but would like to once again tell all to stay away. Its a scam Casino that doesn't pay out. I'm going on my 45th day AFTER full approval of a withdrawal of $1123.00 I don't expect I'll ever see the money and will do anything I possibly to warn others to stay away and DO NOT deposit a penny into this Shit Casino. I won't get into details of the many excuses I've received on why I haven't been paid but I will say this. Their Terms of Service state a 14 day max payout time. They will send you emails stating, "Use Bitcoin and get paid even faster." They actually have a fixed coupon of 325% if you deposit with Bitcoin and you can use it as many times as you like. When I contacted the payout team after 21 days they stated, "Oh we can't payout in Bitcoin right now, its down" When does Bitcoin go down and why are you advertising to get paid faster using Bitcoin when you don't even use it as a payout method???? Sure enough the very next day I received the Email Coupon "Use Bitcoin and get Paid Faster" This after they told me 12 hours prior that they were not paying out in Bitcoin. So stay away, Please warn others and Happy Gaming. Just not with this Scam Casino, Sunrise Casino.
  • They Simply Don't pay winning customers
• 2 months ago
payout $320 delayed , cant get any more information other than it has been escalated and i should be paid soon, however its been over a month since the request was approved and the same story every week , VIP host never calls despite my many requests , 7-10 days for approval and 7-10 for payment seems long enough but an entire 30 days ... bunk artists' in my opinion.
  • you can play for fun i guess
  • 24/7 support i guess (pointless)
  • delayed payouts
  • pointless 24/7 support
• 2 months ago
I have been waiting since November the 8th to get paid and at first they said I need to Wait 7 to 10 days after that they have been saying bitcoin has experienced delays and I should Set up a second withdrawal method I've already done that several times and they don't seem to get the information.
They keep saying they're going to expedite it.
I am now on 14 business days with no end in sight
• 2 months ago
  • This casino sucks! Everything about it sucks from the payout on winnings, bonus, games that freeze up ...I GIVE THIS CASINO NO STARS NOT EVEN 1...I HIGHLY DO NOT RECOMMEND YOU WASTING YOUR MONEY HERE.
• 3 months ago
Sunrise Slots hasn't paid the $907 I've won. They told me up to 20 days from approval date. It's been 20 days and now they are telling me a few more weeks. It's a BTC withdrawal and should be fast and easy. They are not willing to payout winnings.
  • Does not payout
• 3 months ago
These people owed me $397. Everytime I tried to withdraw my winnings they would ask for another document or piece of information. I exploded when they asked what kind of checking account I have and where I was born, city, state country and zip code. I'm sorry but I just don't see how that is relevant. This is a ripoff pure and simple.
  • There are no positives
  • Don't waste your money
• 3 months ago
Attention criminal fraud!
Payments are generally not intended.
  • Withdrawals are artificially delayed and never happen
• 4 months ago
Terrible everything is true then they try to blame the player and say he or she is blacklisted or disputed your credit card so if you charge an $80 bonus to play and you get your credit card and it says Gloria’s boutique and your spouse pays the bill and they say did you get anything from Gloria’s boutique or some other name and weeks later you say no my question is why can’t they just put the name of the casino on the credit card charge? And if you say well credit card companies won’t allow it then why is everyone lying and what’s the point of risking your $$$ and more then have time these clowns don’t pay or they make up the lamest excuses
  • I may have won once 🤣
  • No pay you play they say no pay 🫣🙏🏻😰
• 4 months ago
It has been exactly 1 month since I put in for my withdrawl of $350. I originally wanted it through bitcoin but they kept telling me their "processors" were way behind on bitcoin payouts and if I could do a wire transfer. They claim they sent the money to their "processors" on Sept 20th to go to my bank and it is Oct 4th and it isn't there yet. First of all, bitcoin should take less than an hour to pay. The whole thing is just a scam and I don't believe I'm even getting paid and even if I do, I will NEVER spend my money there again.
  • won't pay
  • offers no rule bonuses just to suck you in
• 4 months ago
It appears that this casino does not pay out their winnings if you win. I played their free chip and didn't get a thing. After reading the post about this site I do not plan on depositing here at all
  • Not worth playing here
• 5 months ago
Still have not received my winnings been trying since June 22 not even a lot of money $400 can’t get help or anything
  • No help terrible customer service
  • They don’t pay when you when
• 5 months ago
To all fellows out there DO NOT PLAY WITH THIS COMPANY!!. THEY They are scamming ppl of their hard earn money and will never pay when you won something. Such a disgraced for a big compang.
  • Hope they will get block and banned
• 5 months ago
Doesn't payout. Advertisement in emails are fraudulent or a scheme to take your money. They will take your money through bitcoin really quick and then say they are having issues with bitcoin when paying out.... so full of crap.
• 6 months ago
I've made several small deposits just to see. I have yet to win a single spin. I can't bonus and when I do get a winning spin it's below what I bet. I love RTG games but this site almost made me never want to play a RTG game ever again.
  • Will have to answer to God for scaming people
  • Everything about Sunrise slots
• 6 months ago
Sunrise slots need to work on them payout time frame 24days is not good enough. The game is fun and the tournament have good payout
  • Tournament have good break down payout
  • Payout time frame is not good enough
Reputation explained

Reputation rating of Sunrise Slots Casino explained

Take a look at the explanation of factors that we consider when calculating the reputation rating of Sunrise Slots Casino. The reputation rating is the main metric we use to describe the trustworthiness, fairness, and quality of all online casinos in our database.

Casino revenues (last 4 years): Small
Terms and conditions: Mostly fair
Blacklists: None
Size to complaints ratio : Bad
Other factors: Slightly negative
Responsible gambling tools: Good

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Casino operates without a license
This casino operates without a license. As a result, the casino does not have to follow rules set by licensing authorities. Additionally, you will not be able to turn to any licensing authority if you run into issues.

Other factors

  • Operates without a license

Complaints about Sunrise Slots Casino and related casinos (89)

89 All 5 Opened 9 Not solved 44 Solved 31 Rejected

Complaints directly about Sunrise Slots Casino

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Payment methods

Sunrise Slots Casino payment methods

Browse an overview of payment methods supported by Sunrise Slots Casino, along with related limits and fees associated with transactions to or from your casino account.

Payment Method   Deposit
Limits & fees
Limits & fees
Withdrawal Time More info
VISA VISA $30 - $250
Not Available -
Mastercard Mastercard $30 - $250
Not Available -
American Express American Express $30 - $250
Not Available -
Bitcoin Bitcoin $30 - ?
$100 - $2,500
Wire-transfer Wire-transfer Not Available $100 - $2,500
Discover Discover $30 - $250
Not Available -
Litecoin Litecoin $30 - ?
Not Available -
Check Check Not Available $100 - $2,500
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