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1 year ago by WeigelP
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7 months ago


You can see my account in the photo.

1. The amount that I use to invest money. I play with that amount. 50,000. (€425) I play very very small roles. For example, 50 dinars per odd / even. Or I put 10 dinars on each number of the small series. That is 120 dinars. 1 token = 1 dinar. The smallest chip I play with 90% of the time is 10. Or any other game. It is important to know that in roulette you CANNOT miss or hit every time.

I play very very carefully until I make the first plus over the amount of 50,000. So when, for example, there is a winning spin and there is 50,250 Rsd (dinar) in my account 1. I click on the card

ONLINE MONEY TRANSFER _/ _/ and I am transferring excess money in the amount of 250 rsd to account number 3.

50,000 rsd remain in the account again, with which I return to the game. As the game goes on, I carefully follow the numbers that come out and record them in special tables that I came up with myself. And I repeat everything until, for example, I achieve the planned profit of 3,000 rsd.

That's one session. End. I leave everything. I'm moving on to other commitments. During the day, I return and play session number 2. I can play a maximum of 3 sessions per day.

I WILL NOT PLAY session number 4 if someone tells me exactly what number will come out.

When enough money accumulates on account number 3, I transfer part of the money to the account. It's a card: reserved (number 2)

I can transfer money to the account only once during the day, so I wait for the end of the working day and transfer funds to the account in the evening around 9 pm. How much I will transfer depends on the needs and the amount in position number 3.

The money arrives in the account the next day by 12:00 p.m.

So Daniel, you're asking me what if I lose? Very very rarely do I lose the amount from balance #1 because I play very very small stakes so if I happen to go on a losing streak of 10 strokes I will be in a very small loss. And to miss every time. Unlikely 🙂

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6 months ago
So Daniel, you're asking me what if I lose? Very very rarely do I lose the amount from balance #1 because I play very very small stakes so if I happen to go on a losing streak of 10 strokes I will be in a very small loss. And to miss every time. Unlikely 🙂

You won't miss every single bet, but you can simply start playing roulette without getting your balance higher than the initial balance. It will just decrease slowly. You can for example start with 50 000. Then you lose 100, 100, 100, 100, win 200, lose 100, win 150, lose 100, lose 100 = that's -350 in total. You can keep playing but you balance will only go lower and you'll never get over the initial 50 000 balance. Then what?

6 months ago

My game and math are such that it almost never happens. I have excellent tactics, discipline and good math (ratio of stakes to payout ratio)

However, it is not possible to explain it here in words. It is the result of 30 years of playing roulette and vast experience.

So it's in my head.

Those who want to believe should believe, those who don't believe don't have to.

i play my game.

Life is a game - we play

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6 months ago

Hmm, I guess one can have any tactics and discipline, but in the end it's the casino that's in the profit in the long run. So I'd be happy for you if all this would help you, but I'm not sure if it really does, because it's all about luck. 

Anyway, I hope you will do well and win for as long as possible. 🙂

6 months ago

It's not all about luck. I don't know which vocabulary to explain.

If, for example, 20 times in a row, a big series does not come out.

And we play logically on small series and orphans. And let's guess.

Was it luck? NO, IT WAS NOT LUCK.

It was the LAW OF PROBABILITY and reality.

Because some other Serbia has to fall, apart from the big series.

You just need to play well mathematically.

Fortunately, I don't play.

LUCK is needed when playing LOTTO.

Luck should be where we DO NOT AFFECT the game.

Happiness is needed in various life situations.

And even in business when we work, perform a specific job, AND NOT GAMBLE, luck is needed.

When a soldier goes to takes luck to come back.

LUCK IS REALLY NOT NECESSARY in ROULETTE with the knowledge factor. Because WE influence the entire flow of the game. Roulette is there so that only the ball falls into a certain place.

But cassino will always be in the plus because there are a million idiots who play out of passion, greed, disease.

UNDERSTAND IT ONCE. FROM MY FIRST TOPIC THAT I WROTE ABOUT ROULETTE until now, I have been writing about people who know how and can consistently make money on roulette. Such a percentage of people in the world is VERY SMALL, but they exist. And I am part of them.


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6 months ago

Those people who talk about how roulette is rigged, how mathematics is on roulette's side, how it will always win, etc. etc., DO NOT INTEREST ME.

I managed to turn mathematics in my favor at roulette.

I leave the luck factor aside when I play. I'm not interested in happiness.

When I want to try my luck, I pay the lotto. Roulette is my means to earn about 30 euros in a short time of 30 minutes to 1 hour.

And I do it with such ease and success.

In order to earn that money by working, I need 8 to 9 working hours spent in the company. Plus other costs.

This is how I sit in my house.


I win because I have NO greed.

I win because there are NO "my numbers" with me. I play what the roulette gives in those moments.

I win because I know that mathematics is not on the side of roulette. It is on paper, but in practice it is not. It will always be on the side of the smart player.

I win because I have a lot of experience.

And as for luck, I play the bookie for pleasure. I like to play the Champions League. That's where LUCK IS NEEDED. How can I influence whether, for example, Barcelona will bring a reserve team to the field and lose and I played on it.

It is a game for pleasure.

I play roulette out of necessity. The difference is big

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6 months ago

From someone with your experiences on the subject, I found the closing part truly interesting...

Do you really play roulette out of necessity? Where does this necessity come from, I wonder?

No need to answer, of course.

6 months ago

1. Roulette was my first job.

2. Roulette was my first foray into the world... (so to speak)


1. Let me explain. When I was 20 years old, fresh out of school, I wasn't employed. My parents were poor. I lived in the village where I still live today.

And I get a job in a casino. Croupiers. I'm finishing my training and working as a croupier. I spin the roulette ball. I'm starting to earn my first money. For a poor boy that was a decent amount of money.

2. I said it already. I lived in the countryside. I didn't even have a car. That was 1990. There was no internet, no mobile phone. We had an old TV set in the house. The picture on it was black and white. And then I start working in Zlatibor. Tourist mountain center. Hotel.

For me, a poor boy, all that world, the flashing lights, the hotel, the people...for me it was the CENTER OF THE WORLD.

And so, while working, I saw people losing money, big money. I wondered WHY they lose money like that. This is a nice game, you can play it with enjoyment and earn money at the same time. But they were ordinary gamblers. They said: You can't make money here.

And everyone says so even today. And YOU repeat the same thing here like parrots. "The math is on the casino's side. Everyone loses in the end."

And I decided a long time ago when I was working. I will make money from roulette.

In spite of all those who claim that it is not possible. It's just a matter of strong will, desire. And much more. I could talk about it all day.

And where does that need come from Radka🙂

The answer is simple. From the above, I fell in love with roulette. And today, in times of crisis, every dinar more in our budget is welcome. And if that dinar can be earned from the comfort of one's home, then that is the need. Because I said it already. I belong to the generation that worked and earned their money at a time when there was no internet. So now I like to earn my money while having fun and all that in my own home. Something like that was a Sci-Fi movie in 1990. S/F 🙂

You talk about happiness. Happiness does not exist. She is just a word.

A whole life is made up of millions of moments that are a cause and effect relationship.

(I don't know how to translate this, I don't know if you understand what I'm trying to say).

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6 months ago

I think I understand what you are talking about. However, I also think that in the long run, the casino wins in the end and the player loses his money. I can imagine that a player wins and gets lucky and gets more money, but if he plays continuously, eventually the luck will run out, because you can never just win. 

Anyway, your story is interesting and quite nice to tell you the truth, because you found your passion and that is very important in life. 🙂

6 months ago

But I don't play continuously. One of my sessions lasts until I achieve a plus of 3,000 dinars. (€25)

Then later in the day I play another session with the same result. One session lasts about 20 minutes to an hour, depending on how I'm doing.

So I play for about 2 hours a day.


Roulette is not my passion!

If roulette is my passion, then I am an avid gambler and they lose.

I play racquet because it is a way for a smart, disciplined player with experience to earn extra income without any problems.

I don't dream about huge profits at all.

Of course, it sometimes happens that within 3 months I lose my bank of 50,000 dinars. (€420)

Then I take a break for a couple of days. So again I put the same amount from the account to the casino account and start making money again.

It is important that I control the entire course of the game.

My longest winning streak without a loss was 72 days. More than 2 months.

I made a profit of 516,000 dinars (€4300)

And of course that money was used wisely. Because that's the main point of my game. That the money I earn be used like you work in a company or factory for a certain amount of money. Personal income. We say "SALARY." And you spend your earned money afterwards.

And then on day 73 I gave myself a little more free play. And I lost. But that's good too. I have to lose sometimes.

BUT THE PURPOSE OF MY GAME. to be in the plus at the quarterly level and at the end of the year. And that is possible, but for that to happen, a lot of factors need to coincide. The one who wants to do it must have certain conditions for it. NOT EVERYONE CAN DO IT. A SMALL NUMBER OF PEOPLE CAN DO THAT.

but it's a system that works.

And my most important rule.


when I sit down for roulette the word LUCK stays behind my back.

In fact, I already said HAPPINESS is just a word.

And these days we are witnessing a horror when about 5,000 children are killed in Palestine and the question arises whether there is JUSTICE in the world.

it seems that JUSTICE is just a word.

Roulette is like LIFE. everything turns. The ball falls into good numbers, and then into bad numbers. This is how this world will see better days when the ball starts hitting the right numbers.

And VLADIMIR PUTIN will take care of that and show the world who is good and who is bad.

The rotten west is lying to you.


Long live Russia

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6 months ago

Thanks for your descriptive reply and I have nothing to wish you but many more happy sessions and wins. I hope you will be well.

6 months ago

Soon I'll be uploading my entire game here, which will last 100 days. I will open a special topic where I will present my daily profit at the end of the day. I will try to put some video as well. Although I rarely record my game because the recording would take a long time (for example 20 minutes).

But I will post a screenshot.

To show how I do it. And I prove that it can. 🙂

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6 months ago

Of course, if you're in the mood, you can post some screenshots of your wins. I hope you will do well. 🙂

6 months ago

Certainly, gambling can be enticing due to the thrill of risk and the potential for quick gains. Some individuals might also view it as a form of entertainment or a way to test their luck. However, it’s essential to note that the reasons people engage in gambling can vary significantly from person to person.

6 months ago

Yes, I think you summed it up quite well and I agree with you that there are many reasons to gamble. But if I were to ask you why you gamble in casinos, why ? Is it a form of relaxation for you or is it something else ? 🙂

6 months ago

Appreciate the curiosity! For me, it's a mix – a bit of entertainment, occasional relaxation, and the thrill of chance.

6 months ago

Super so there are more of them. I believe that when you play with a sense so everything can be okay and you can enjoy it with occasional happiness and sometimes take away the win. 🙂

6 months ago

You seem to have an interesting perspective on things!

6 months ago

Thank you, I'm trying to see other players and their perspectives as well. I can also learn a lot by exchanging views. 🙂

6 months ago

I've been thinking about the same question lately. Why do I gamble? Well firstly I enjoy the thrill since I've mostly been cooped up at home-- work from home setup, and my routine is pretty much the same each day. Gambling or playing online keeps me away from the daily stress and it keeps me entertained.

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