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[COMPETITION] Win $100 Amazon Voucher!

3 days ago Daniel
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3 days ago

Dear all,


I believe that this competition is going to be more challenging than the ones we had before. The rules remain the same, the only thing that has changed is actually the slot we're going to play, but that's actually a very important point.



This time, we play for a $100 Amazon Voucher (or equivalent in a currency that you prefer)


How can you win it?

The slot we're going to play is in the TOP10 slots played on our website. It's called Viking Clash (Push Gaming). Take a screenshot of your winnings that you got in a single spin and add the picture into this thread. The amount of tickets that you receive for the final raffle will depend on your highest achieved multiplier. Let me explain it on an example:

Player 1: Bets 0.5, wins 45. The multiplier is 90, because 45 / 0.5 is 90. The player won their initial bet 90 times so they get 90 tickets into the final raffle.

If your spin activates free spins or a bonus game inside the game, it’s still counted as 1 spin. You don’t need to play for real money, you can even play the demo here on our website:

You can add multiple pictures into this thread since the competition will last for few weeks, but only your screenshot with the highest achieved multiplicator will be counted.


Why Viking Clash? 

Why is this competition going to be more challenging? There's a simple way how to get some higher winnings in the game - you need to get 3 symbols of cannons on the reels in order to activate free spins. It sounds easy, right? Yeah, but don't get mistaken...


I'm not sure if I was just extremely unlucky, but it took me about 500 spins to activate the free spins and the rest of the winnings I had were mostly lower than my initial bet. It seems like it's extremely difficult to get any decent winnings on this game and that's why I believe it's a good game for our competition. Let's start with the challenge!


How are we going to choose the winner? 

It doesn’t matter how much money or coins you win. It all depends on the multiplicator as mentioned above. Every multiplicator you achieve gives you 1 ticket into the final raffle for the Amazon voucher.

One of you will be randomly chosen on 6.4. 2021.

Good luck everyone, even though there can be only one lucky winner!




Let me start just to show you an example (my post won’t be part of the raffle).


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3 days ago

Terms and Conditions


The promotion starts on 23rd February and ends on 6th April 2020 1pm CEST.

There is no need to spend real money to attend this competition and spending real money does not give you any advantage. You can play in a free (demo) mode in order to join this competition. 

In order to get a chance of winning the competition, you must be a registered member of Casino Guru forum and 18+ years old (or you need to reach an age where you’re allowed to play casino games in your jurisdiction). You also need to add a screenshot or a photo of your screen displaying a winning moment while playing Santa (Pragmatic Play) in this thread. You winning and initial bet need to be visible on the picture. In case Casino Guru finds out that the picture was not taken by the member who posted it in our thread, Casino Guru reserves the right to disqualify this user from the competition.

Casino Guru reserves the right to disqualify a user who will create multiple accounts in order to attend the competition using multiple accounts and increase the chance for winning.

Every multiplier you achieve gives you 1 ticket into the final raffle.

If a player adds more screenshots of their winnings during the promotion period, only the screenshot with the highest achieved multiplier will included into the raffle.

One winner of the $100 Amazon Voucher will be chosen randomly by a Casino Guru representative from all the tickets that will be part of the final raffle.

This competition is run solely by Casino Guru, it is not sponsored or administered by any 3rd party company.

The competition prize is a $100 Amazon Voucher (or equivalent in a currency preferred by the winner).

It is not possible to exchange any prize for cash. It is winner’s responsibility to contact us on an email address or through FB ( private message. If they fail to do so during 7 following days after the winner is announced, they will lose their right to claim the prize and a new winner will be announced.

Only the English version of these Terms and Conditions is valid. The same applies for the competition post description and any texts displayed on relevant images and pop up banners displayed on the website or social media channels.

The prize cannot be won by Casino Guru employees and full-time consultants, even though it can be won by external casino testers.

In case the competition will be joined by less than 20 participants during the competition period, Casino Guru reserves the right to extend the competition period for up to 6 weeks.

These Terms and Conditions are effective since 23rd February 2021.


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Meglenov yesterday

Honestly, that's a great result! I haven't managed to get anything even closer to this one! 🙂

Meglenov 22 hours ago

I like the quick math in the google search 😉

Played a bit, nothing decent, this post will set the bar high.

22 hours ago

Great result! Well done!

I like the quick math in the google search 😉

Played a bit, nothing decent, this post will set the bar high.

22 hours ago

Haha, haven't noticed it before 😀 Meglenov had very good results even in the previous competition. I believe he actually spent some time on it in order to get a decent win.

19 hours ago

Hahaha yeah I am usually high and I enjoy paying slots and that win needed some math there like a quick one just to make sure 😀 I spend some time yeah but suddenly it start bombing around like too much I said yeah this is it... I follow this competitions a lot on Guru and I really try to win but still unlucky with the draw but still lets see 🙂

10 hours ago

The results are great.

9 hours ago


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