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Betcris seeks closer ties with soccer in Honduras

21 Mar 2022
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A leading sportsbook in the Latin American region, Betcris is looking to further strengthen its presence in its targeted markets through meaningful partnerships that impact sports fans, bettors, and understandably, the business itself. To this end, the company has signed nine partnerships with soccer clubs in Honduras which should now give a serious visibility boost to the sportsbook.

The nine partnerships are with teams that are part of the League of Honduras and the brand is looking to actively consolidate itself as the leading interactive sports betting operator in the region. This is done on several fronts, and through the addition of distinguished soccer clubs to name Platense, Motagua, Marathon, Honduras Progreso, UPNFM, Real España, Vida, Real Sociedad, in the latest partnership.

The move has long been in the making, as head of new markets for Betcris Rafael Granja confirmed that these partnerships have been planned and reflect on the company’s broader ambitions for the Latin American region.

Granja thanked the teams for the trust and argued that each of them had a lot to offer to local land international crowds. Betcris will seek to offer better and more competitive markets for those teams but also take their brand name globally. This is not the end of Betcris’ own expansion appetites in Latin America.

The sportsbook has been tirelessly analyzing new opportunities to build on stronger partnerships with existing partners and bring new ones into the fold. Betcris has been rapidly preparing for a much-hoped-for launch in Brazil, teaming up with Fortaleza and Ceará, two soccer clubs from Brazil’s Serie A.

Betcris’ footprint goes beyond that as well, having teamed up with many prominent top-flight leagues from the region. For example, Betcris has ties with the Ecuadorian Football Federation, the Mexican Football Federation the National Football League in the US, and others, going to sports beyond soccer.

Brazil is gearing up to launch its sports betting market which is still subject to debates, but a licensing and taxation regiment have been at least broadly outlined. Once they are launched officially, though, there will be an influx of new opportunities for Latin American operators, and operators with a focus on the region, including Betcris.

Meanwhile, Argentina has been another interesting market where companies have been moving quickly with both the City of Buenos Aires and the Province of Buenos Aires embracing gambling in some form.

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21 Mar 2022
3 min. read