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The Best Payout Methods Nowadays?

1 month ago CG99
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1 month ago

Hey guys,

I have seen that there are many types of payment methods available in online gambling nowadays, and I was wondering which ones are the safest, most user-friendly, and have a good payout speed.

What are your experiences with certain payment methods? Which one you prefer and can you recommend it?

I would like to hear your opinions/thoughts!



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CG99 1 month ago

Honestly, I quite like the ewallets. For example skrill or neteller. It's fast, the withdrawals are usually fast, but you don't need to provide your casino with your banking details, you don't need to send them pictures of your credit cards. It feels safer to me.

Of course, cryptocurrencies are another possibility, but you need to take into account that if you deposit and win cryptocurrencies, the currencies tend to change their value a lot so one day, your winning can worth 10k eur and a week later, after they verify your account and approve your withdrawal, in can be 8.5k eur + if you win less, let's say 100 eur and want to withdraw it, then you usually have to convert it to bitcoin and then convert the bitcoin to eur. The fees are quite high for all of the mentioned actions.

Daniel 1 month ago

Okay, thanks! What I really want is to be able to work in a safe way. So indeed, as you said, not giving too much personal information/data towards your bank (like pictures of credit cards, e.g.). 

Then Neteller or Skrill seems the best option. These are also supported by most online casinos I assume?

CG99 1 month ago

Yes, many casinos support them. Even PayPal, but it's not so common payment method in casinos.

Daniel 1 month ago

Okay, thanks for the suggestion!

4 weeks ago

Does anyone have experience using PayPal for online casinos? I am particularly interested in the deposits and the speed of the withdrawals. In another article, I saw that PayPal withdrawals are immediately credited to your bank account. Is this correct?

CG99 4 weeks ago

It depends on the casino. They won't be instant when you register there as a new player, but once it's verified, some casinos actually approve the withdrawals automatically if you don't play with a bonus. In that case, they still usually check if you played with the bonus according to their terms and conditions.

Daniel 4 weeks ago

Clear, I also heard somewhere that a major disadvantage of using PayPal is that you have to pay a transaction fee. How high are these fees in general?

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CG99 4 weeks ago

Honestly, I don't know much about the PayPal fees. I use it to buy stuff online and I don't have any fees there, but they can have different policy for gambling.

Daniel 4 days ago

Great! PayPal sounds like a good option when it depends on withdrawals en deposits. But when we take a look at Skrill, I'm curious about the ins & outs. In short, what are the best advantages and disadvantages that distinguish them from PayPal?

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