Forum Casino Reviews 1xbit is just a scam, no more

1xbit is just a scam, no more

3 days ago Filioonen
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3 days ago

This one was a messed up one..

Deposit around 2mbtc and gave it a test. Paid $8 to get my crypto in to begin with. Put 40cnt bet, ticked on 100 spins and went to make some coffee. During those 100 spins I lost $98 and I was like wtf is going on..

Had a long chat with their support asking for bet-sheet to see the breakdown of my spins, but "that's not available". Every spin I made had a separate "conversion fee" that their ToS didn't have anything about. Every winning spin was according to the 40cnt table instead of that ,60-1,20 that the spins chumped offa my balance.

Live chat just kept copy-pasting me that "everything has gone as it's supposed to, we don't provide bet history, nor chat transcriptions"..

Was an awfully expensive cup of coffee this time..

3 days ago

Helpful information, thanks

quentinball77 3 days ago

People are getting more and more into the crypto-space and don't want others to waste their 🐶

Filioonen 3 days ago

Sad story, but I'm not really surprised. They operate without a license so they don't care if you ask them for the betting history. I understand why some people prefer to play with cryptocurrencies, but it's really important to choose the right casino. Have you submitted a complaint on our website? We believe it's players right to see the betting history so if they don't provide it to you, their rating would probably drop down even more due to the case.

Daniel 3 days ago

Yea I opened a ticket to you, been using the site without an account until today though.

I knew it was a flagged casino, but haven't seen so messed up one before.