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JOA Casino clears ECA responsible gambling certification

11 Apr 2022
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The European Union flag flying.

JOA Group has become the first French gambling operator to receive a certification by the European Casino Association based on the organization's Responsible Gambling Framework. The certification was issued as a result of an independent audit of the company’s ability to maintain a healthy commitment to its customers and provide them with safe gambling options.

The audit was conducted by the chairman of the Global Gambling Guidance Group, Pieter Remmers, who looked into all properties operated by the group. This numbers a total of 33 properties, which makes JOA one of the biggest players on the market, particularly in the land-based casino sector in Europe.

All of JOA’s properties were found to commit to the Responsible Gambling framework. The process resulted in the ECA certification and acknowledgment of the progress made by JOA to ensure the well-being of its patrons. The certification is an important stepping-stone in tackling problem gambling and issues associated with the industry.

Originally, the Responsible Gambling Framework was established in 2013 and it focused on all potential issues caused by the gambling industry. For starters, all employees under the framework receive adequate training to spot and tackle problem gambling. The framework is a much broader project, though, and it involves all sorts of quality assurance and cooperation with treatment facilities and initiatives.

Operators that are participating in ECA or have been licensed under its Responsible Gambling Framework are also exchanging information to ensure that they maintain the industry free of harm to the end-user. ECA is not the only organization in Europe that strives to maintain a clean gambling industry for all.

Gamban, a software solution intended to enable consumers to exclude from gambling, has been making strides across Europe as well. The company launched its product in Spain, taking the fight to the country which has recently toughened its stance on problem gambling.

It’s hardly the only one that has been putting more effort into maintaining a clean industry of late. Entain revealed its Gamble Responsibly America app, which is an effort by the entertainment giant to make proactive steps in ensuring that consumers are safe in a market that is undergoing rapid expansion across the board.

All main jurisdictions in Europe have doubled on responsible gambling, with Spelinspektionen or the Swedish Gaming Authority recently adding a new campaign of its own.

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11 Apr 2022
3 min. read