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LeoVegas becomes official betting partner to Manchester City

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Manchester City's home stadium.

Premier League football team Manchester City has teamed up with LeoVegas Group to form a new alliance focused on consumer experience and boost their respective footprints and brand reach. As a result, LeoVegas Group has become the Official Betting Partner for the football club in both Canada and Europe.

LeoVegas Group has long been building strong ties with top-flight sports leagues and teams, and the latest partnership with Manchester City is another step in this direction and a natural continuation of the Group’s long-term ambitions.

The collaboration will enable LeoVegas and Manchester City to better engage with consumers and deliver more content focused on the Premier League and international sports events. Both companies will work on creating co-branded campaigns, marketing initiatives, and content across the Men’s and Women’s teams. LeoVegas will use the opportunity to work closely with Manchester City to come up with unique matchday experiences.

LeoVegas, offers both iGaming and sports betting platforms, and the company’s branding and signage will be visible on-site at the Etihad Stadium and Academy Stadium, which are home to Manchester City. In addition, the first team training kit sleeves will bear the LeoVegas logo during the 2022/23 season.

LeoVegas is hoping that this collaboration will help it continue to expand its brand and strike home with even bigger audiences worldwide. Manchester City has a fan base of estimated 4 million people around the world, with the bulk of the fan base in the United Kingdom.

Commenting on this partnership, City Football Group VP of Global Partnership Sales Dina Ahmad welcomed the opportunity to be working with LeoVegas to bring "customers and fans even closer to the club." Ahmad continued:

"Additionally, we are excited that this new partnership will also help spark further growth across Europe and Canada and allow us to continue reaching audiences around the world."

LeoVegas CEO Gustaf Hagman also welcomed the partnership and said that the Group was proud to be signing up for this partnership opportunity with Manchester City. He said that LeoVegas was looking forward to sharing its unique experiences with the club.

Hagman added that both LeoVegas Group and Manchester City share a growth mentality that will now benefit from this collaboration and said that the companies are looking forward to this opportunity.

LeoVegas’ shareholders recently approved the MGM Resorts International acquisition bid with an overwhelming 96% majority.

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12 Sep 2022
3 min. read
Comments (2)
AlexB 2 months ago

In my opinion, it's a huge step forward for LeoVegas. I remember sportsbetting was still a new product for LeoVegas in 2017 when I worked there. Then they developed partnerships with Brentford and Norwich City - both played the Championship during that time. Man City is just another level. It's one of the best clubs in the world.

At the end of the day, it's all about money. It all depends on how much Leo invested into this partnership and what they'll gain from it It's also quite difficult to measure the gains, because let's say you have a new depositing player from the UK, but how do you know the player deposited because he saw the advertisement related to ManCity or because the player just saw some random online banner?

How do you know that a German player deposited at LeoVegas, because they watched ManCity playing in the Champions League or because the player's friends recommended the casino to them? It's hard to say.

Edited by author 2 months ago
2 months ago

How does this partnership strike you? Do you think LeoVegas and Man City make good natural partners?