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Scam alert: Rogue fleet of Casino Guru knockoffs trying to dupe players

CASINO GURU03 Jun 2024
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In recent months, Casino Guru, one of the foremost authorities on casino content and player safety in the world, has witnessed a tremendous increase in the domain name registrations of websites that try to build their brand and URL names around the "Casino Guru" brand, implying that they are affiliated or directly tied to Casino Guru.

This trend is the result of two important developments. First, it is a testimony to Casino Guru’s growing popularity and consolidated status in the iGaming and gambling industry as a whole, where the brand has become synonymous with trust, but also a powerful engine for innovation and industry-wide change through initiatives such as the Gamtegrity platform, the Casino Guru Safety Index, and other corporate, social, and player-focused initiatives that have made gambling safer.

The second reason why rogue websites are copying the Casino Guru brand name or implying affiliation with the service is that bad actors are looking to opportunistically take advantage of player bases in the thriving casino sector, which is safer, more responsible, and more popular than ever before.

The success of Casino Guru has been, in this instance, its own curse, as a host of rogue websites have now populated the Internet, attempting to divert traffic away from the domain and feed players and users wrongful and harmful information. Below, you can find the domains that had hewed very closely to the Casino Guru brand, and which you ought to avoid:

Casino Guru Fraud

The Casino Guru team's mission remains, as it has always been, to root out such bad actors, and to raise awareness for the subtle brand-smearing campaigns that range from base opportunism to well-orchestrated fraudulent schemes. The Casino Guru community is built upon pillars of trust, mutual respect, and an unapologetically selfless way of presenting information that is based on hard facts.

The Casino Guru projects and its sister projects are only accessible through the Casino Guru home page, and websites that try to emulate our domain name are doing so in an attempt to mislead player bases who have come to recognize the Casino Guru project as a source of faithful and trustworthy information.

Casino Guru has become resilient to such subterfuges, as the project has been evolving to also consider its responsibility to its user bases, who expect Casino Guru to be one step ahead of such efforts.

Casino Guru has also been aware of attempts by bad actors and nefarious parties to impersonate Casino Guru employees and extort illicit fees from operators who may have a case open on the Complaint Resolution Center to close the complaints. Just like then, as now, the Casino Guru team has remained aware of deceptive efforts that target the Casino Guru's good name and sterling reputation.


The Casino Guru Team

03 Jun 2024
3 min. read
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