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Better Collective to offer betting tips to Chicago Tribune readers

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The Chicago Tribune has become the latest mainstream newspaper and media to team up with a gambling company and seek to establish a sports betting & tipping section for readers to explore. To make this a reality, the publication has chosen none other than Better Collective, a respected sports media betting group, which owns Action Network, another prominent media focused on tipping sports bettors about upcoming games and providing quality content.

The Chicago Tribune is touted as one of the leading sources of news and information in the United States, which has a strong reputation for reporting on sports events and a readership of more than 18 million visitors monthly. Apart from doing insightful, award-winning sports journalism, the publication will now have the opportunity to expand further in the day-to-day vagaries of the betting industry and offer better content still.

Better Collective is deploying Action Network to help with content, in-depth analytics, and more, all in order to assist sports fans in getting the bets for their favorite sports events as close to right as possible. This partnership should be up and running by mid-August and will be available to readers on time for the upcoming National Football League season.

Readers may expect to find betting odds & tips for various upcoming sports contests, along with in-depth analyses of games, teams, and players as a whole. Each material will include a link to a regulated sportsbook in the United States, enabling readers to place wagers quickly and without any significant issues.

Commenting on this opportunity, The Chicago Tribune executive editor Mitch Pugh welcomed this opportunity and said that the newspaper has already been covering extensively the regulated sports betting market, and following sports events up close.

The partnership was understandably welcomed by Better Collective and CEO and VP Marc Pedersen who added that the Chicago Tribune’s readership consisted of people who enjoy all sorts of sports. He confirmed that the publication is pleased to be bringing more worthwhile content and data to these same sports fans.

Not least, there was a positive reception by Action Network CCO Chad Millman who himself is a Chicago native. Commenting on this new opportunity, Millman said that there is a real hunger for sports information – one that Action Network can help satiate. Together with Chicago Tribune, the companies can work on delivering content of entirely new depth and breadth to readers. In the meantime, Better Collective has posted strong financial results in the first quarter of 2022.

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04 Aug 2022
3 min. read
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1 week ago

This is definitely an interesting and increasingly-popular approach these days. Do you reckon sports betting coverage in partnership with dedicated services as Action Network has a place in mainstream journalism?