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FullCircl appoints Georgio Anastasi to Chief Financial Officer role

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The leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that helps drive revenue by removing verification and regulatory roadblocks, FullCircl, announced a new senior-level appointment. This week, the company confirmed that it hired the services of Georgio Anastasi. Joining FullCircl, he was appointed as the company's new Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

Anastasi brings solid experience to the company, after being a part of many fast-moving organizations, including gaming and global fintech businesses. As CFO, he succeeds in the role of Steve Blundell. Still, FullCircl explained that Blundell will remain a part of the company but transition to a non-executive role.

The latest appointment comes at a time when the company is going through a transformative period. Ultimately, FullCircl transitions from a founder-led structure to a C-suite-driven business model. This strategic change is expected to help the company continue growing and expanding its portfolio of customers and partners.

In a statement, FullCircl's new CFO shared his excitement by explaining: "I am thrilled to join such a fast-growth business, and excited by the opportunity to join the senior leadership team at this critical juncture." Finally, Anastasi pointed out: "I'm hungry to hone my skills in this new role and as part of such a visionary team and relish the opportunity to help FullCircl grow through new opportunities in the years ahead."

Andrew Yates, FullCircl's CEO, was just as excited about the latest announcement. The executive welcomed Anastasi to the company's growing team of experts. Moreover, Yates said about the new CFO: "He's a young, dynamic, and results-driven individual with a mindset that will help us advance our strategic roadmap, long-term goals, and vision for the future." In conclusion, FullCircl's CEO pointed out: "His appointment signifies the completion of our new C-suite - we now have an incredibly talented senior leadership that will drive bold action and ensure we achieve the next chapter of growth in our journey to becoming one of the UK's leading fintech innovators."

Prior to joining FullCircl, Anastasi accumulated a wide range of skills and experience. Before his most recent appointment as CFO, he served as a consultant for two years. Anastasi's professional background includes leading positions with companies within the financial vertical as well as fintech businesses. Throughout his career, the seasoned executive was also a part of the leading gambling technology company, Playtech, among other globally recognized businesses.

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12 Apr 2024
3 min. read
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