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Casino Guru wins AffPapa Award for best branding of year

CASINO GURU 06 Jul 2022
3 min. read

Casino Guru's featured art.

Casino Guru has won the prestigious AffPapa Award with the company awarded the distinction for Best Branding of the Year in the 2022 edition of the event. The efforts Casino Guru has put in establishing itself as the most comprehensive source of information with up-to-date info about online casinos and bonuses have paid off.

This distinction is an important recognition for the firm as it continues to focus on the priority of making the industry safer and more accessible for the global community and anyone who wishes to understand the iGaming industry better, how to navigate it safely, and seek assistance and help when they do. Casino Guru has worked on numerous projects in this direction.

While the company remains at the core an affiliate-driven company, its success in the iGaming vertical has enabled Casino Guru to pursue much more ambitious projects with a strong focus on responsible and safe gambling. Casino Guru focuses on industry sustainability by educating not only consumers but also the operators in the space on how to achieve their goals and ambitions.

Casino Guru’s focus on the Global Self-Exclusion Initiative is one of its most ambitious projects to date focusing exclusively on understanding the industry and how to improve it at its core so it’s sustainable and having in mind the consumers’ well-being.

As part of these efforts to ensure that the industry is a safer place for all, Casino Guru has teamed up with Scott Thomas for a video series and campaign that helps break the stigma around problem gambling and encourages people who may be seeking help or needing a confidence boost to actually reach out.

Not least, Casino Guru launched a dedicated news website to bring the latest updates from the industry to our readers. Other noteworthy projects include the Casino Guru forum, which is the biggest of its kind in the entire industry, providing valuable insight and connection opportunities for consumers from far and wide. The forum solution is why the company believes it is perceived as a true Brand of the Year for many iGaming enthusiasts and players out there.

Other than focusing on helping consumers and players along, Casino Guru is also prominent in the professional community with its Casino Guru Academy project which educates employees in the industry on how to deliver benchmark customer service, player experience and more. The AffPapa Award is well-deserved and the result of extensive and dedicated work over the years.

Image credit: Casino Guru

06 Jul 2022
3 min. read
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