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Casino Guru launches News website to expand coverage of the gambling industry

03 Feb 2022
4 min. read

Casino Guru News
Casino Guru, the world's largest online casino database, has been heavily involved in monitoring and following casino activity around the world. It has offered a portal for players to learn more about operators and track their performances. As the casino industry evolves, so does Casino Guru. To ensure players and insiders can stay on top of the constant changes, the site has launched Casino Guru News, which will provide readers with the biggest stories from the gambling industry.

Casino Guru began as a means to offer expert information for the online gaming community. The lack of a reliable source for verifying operators and industry players served as the foundation for the platform's launch.

Casino Guru has expanded its scope to encompass more educational and responsible gambling initiatives. It is in the process of developing a global self-exclusion platform, which would be the first in the industry. Casino Guru was also an early adopter of a global complaints system for users. The latter gives anyone the ability to lodge an official complaint against a gaming platform, with Casino Guru's experts doing everything they can to help get the issue resolved fairly.

The inclusion of Casino Guru News is a logical progression of the site's umbrella coverage of the casino industry. Topics cover the gambit of everything relevant to global gaming. Responsible gambling initiatives, new regulations, mergers and acquisitions, innovation and much more are included.

The goal is to enhance the user experience and ensure industry insiders and players can stay abreast of the changing industry. This is delivered in the same location where they can learn everything they need to know about the good, the bad and the ugly of iGaming operators.

A team of writers has been hand-picked to cultivate the news content. They are guided by Casino Guru News' chief editor, Erik Gibbs, who has extensive experience as a journalist and analyst in the industry. Following his lead, the writers produce content that is both informative and entertaining. The coverage is also designed to be thought-provoking and, on occasion, may even be a little controversial.

Commenting on the launch, Gibbs stated, "Casino Guru News is a wonderful addition to the portfolio of services Casino Guru provides to the gambling industry. With so much happening in the space, there is always some exciting twist, and I'm thrilled to be part of the team."

About Casino Guru

Casino Guru is a global website about online casinos available in 17 languages. Its main focus is to help iGaming users make smart gambling-related decisions and avoid dubious gaming platforms. It accomplished this through objective reviews, educating players about the mathematics of casino games and providing resources about gambling addiction and how to stay safe.

Casino Guru originally began a simple online casino database, seeking to provide helpful, relevant, and up-to-date information to its visitors. Since its inception, it has grown to become the biggest of its kind. In time, the company branched out and is currently operating a successful online gambling forum, an online casino complaint center, and a growing database of in-depth articles on gambling mechanics and problem gambling. Most recently, Casino Guru created an Academy for educating future employees in the gambling sphere and its Global Self-Exclusion Initiative.

These activities are inspired by the company's wholehearted belief in the need for the proliferation of sustainable gambling practices within the industry and the protection of vulnerable players. Casino Guru is committed to ensuring safe and fair practices that sustain the entertainment value of the gaming segment.

03 Feb 2022
4 min. read