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Casino Guru celebrates year of unprecedented growth and achievement

CASINO GURU06 Feb 2024
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Casino Guru, the world's premier independent online casino resource, is thrilled to commemorate a year of unparalleled growth and achievement. Let's delve into the remarkable milestones and advancements that have solidified Casino Guru's standing as a global leader in the online casino industry.

Over the past year, Casino Guru has made significant strides in various areas, consistently prioritizing transparency, fair practices, and the dissemination of information regarding responsible gaming. It continues to uphold its position as the largest online casino database, featuring reviews of over 6,200 casinos, with more than 450 online casinos having already adjusted their terms and conditions based on Casino Guru's recommendations to safeguard players. Beyond providing transparent information, Casino Guru's expansive online gambling forum has further solidified its reputation, surpassing the milestone of 4,000 monthly posts for the first time and nearing the 5,000 mark, reinforcing its stronghold within the industry. Additionally, the user review system has been enhanced to ensure that the summary user rating accurately reflects the casino's reputation among the gaming public.

In line with its commitment to transparency, the Casino Guru News project has undergone significant enhancements. Launched in early 2022, Casino Guru News covers the latest events, stories, and updates from the gambling industry, focusing specifically on online gambling. The platform now includes interviews with Casino Guru Insiders employees, opinion pieces written by industry experts, insightful webinars featuring exclusive guests, and additional video content on the newly launched Casino Guru News YouTube channel.

One of Casino Guru's most notable projects, the Casino Guru Awards, has also seen improvements, with the addition of new categories, judges, and a notable increase in company nominations vying for recognition. Again, the awards jury convened in Bratislava in November to evaluate shortlisted companies, culminating in the official announcement of winners during a live ceremony scheduled for February 21st.

Casino Guru's dedication to responsible gaming initiatives has earned it the prestigious award for Best Safer Gambling Campaign, along with partnerships with organizations such as Mindway AI. The company actively participated in global conferences, showcasing its initiatives aimed at supporting responsible gaming practices.

Furthermore, the Casino Guru Academy has developed four new courses focused on various aspects of the industry, including player verification, ESG in gambling, customer complaint handling, and affiliate management, reaffirming its commitment to professional development and industry standards.

As part of the Global Self Exclusion Initiative, Casino Guru launched the Self-exclusion Standards project in collaboration with international gambling experts and a prestigious City, University of London, aiming to establish best practices for self-exclusion.

Noteworthy achievements in the Complaint Resolution Center include the publication of 12,161 complaints and the resolution of 3,428, amounting to an impressive $11,279,425 in savings. Compared to the previous year, this represents a 28% increase in published complaints, a 22% increase in resolved complaints, and a remarkable 37% increase in saved money.

Amidst these achievements, Casino Guru remains steadfast in its mission to provide comprehensive and reliable information to the online gambling community. The company is committed to continuous innovation, responsible gambling practices, and fostering a trustworthy and engaging online environment for its visitors and the broader public.

About Casino Guru:

Casino Guru is the world's most comprehensive online casino database, dedicated to delivering complete and reliable information to the global online gambling community. With a steadfast commitment to transparency, integrity, and responsible gambling, Casino Guru offers a wide array of resources, including reviews, guides, forums, and educational content.

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06 Feb 2024
4 min. read
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