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Casino Guru and Mindway AI partner for Safer Gambling Week: Engaging players in a unique self-test experience

CASINO GURU16 Nov 2023
3 min. read
Casino Guru and Mindway AI SGW2023

Casino Guru, the leading online casino database and a respected authority in the gambling industry, has renewed its partnership with Mindway AI, a prominent Responsible Gambling solution provider and a spin-out from Aarhus University with over 10 years of expertise in neuroscience and problem gambling research. This collaboration aims to mark Safer Gambling Week by offering players an opportunity to assess their gambling habits through an engaging self-test.

Participants can now undertake a thoughtfully disguised self-test embedded within a simple card game, enabling them to evaluate the riskiness of their gaming behavior. Upon completion, players will receive a comprehensive analysis of their gambling patterns, including detailed feedback on their strategy and responsiveness to rewards, losses, and frequency of wins. Each player will also receive a personalized report offering advice tailored to their specific gaming behavior exhibited during the test.

Simon Vincze, Casino Guru's Sustainable and Safer Gambling Lead, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, "Mindway AI brings a wealth of expertise to the table. I believe this collaboration has the potential to positively impact many individuals. Knowledge empowers players, and by providing insights into their gambling patterns, we empower them to manage their play more effectively, reducing the likelihood of undesirable outcomes. Casino Guru is committed to enhancing the safety and enjoyment of gambling, and the educational aspect of this collaboration fills me with optimism about its impact."

Utilizing principles from neuroscience and psychology, Mindway AI's Gamalyze, the featured card game, analyzes participants' decision-making processes and delivers personalized feedback. Accessible through a user-friendly widget on Casino Guru's website, the game is easily discoverable, providing all visitors with an opportunity to participate.

Rasmus Kjaergaard, CEO at Mindway AI, emphasizes the importance of collaborative efforts in advancing player protection: "At Mindway AI, we believe that enhanced player protection should be a matter of joining forces and collaborating between different types of industry players rather than a matter of competition on RG initiatives. We're glad to collaborate with Casino Guru by adding our Gamalyze solution to their website, as it gives us the opportunity to reach a large number of players to offer insights of how they make decisions as they engage in gambling. We're also able to promote our solution to other gambling operators and to share our mission to empower gambling operators to enhance player protection to the industry,"

Both companies are dedicated to bringing the concept of safer gambling to the forefront of players' awareness, and this innovative collaboration allows them to achieve this goal in a creative and enjoyable manner.

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16 Nov 2023
3 min. read
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