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Betway adds Oddin.gg software to power esports betting

17 Mar 2022
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Betway is one of the oldest sportsbooks to make a serious move into the esports space. The Super Group-owned betting agency is a generous sponsor of competitive gaming events and teams, including established brands such as Ninjas in Pyjamas and the BLAST Premier series. Now, the company has teamed up with Oddin.gg, a known supplier of esports data that will enhance Betway’s esports betting markets.

The multi-year deal will see Oddin’s feeds integrated into Betway’s offer, bringing more competitive markets for consumers and elevating the sportsbook’s own market coverage and added value. Oddin’s managing director, Marek Suchar, welcomed the opportunity to be teaming up with Betway.

He praised Betway’s business model which prioritized esports as its own product and did not try to tie them somehow to the sports offer. In fact, Betway has been an endemic betting operator insofar as esports are concerned.

Suchar said that Betway has long recognized the potential of esports betting and is one of the most distinguished brands in this space. Moving forward, Oddin’s dedicated software will be able to enhance this experience for the business and esports fans.

Oddin is capable of delivering real-time odds across numerous titles, including Dota 2, CS:GO, and FIFA. Adam Savinson, head of esports at Betway, said that Oddin’s solutions would help take the Betway offer to new heights – a journey that the company was looking to embark on with Oddin.

Betway’s involvement in the segment has been increasing over the past months. The company extended its ongoing partnership with the Blast Premier – a host of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments – for a period of another two years and it confirmed that it’s launching the Power Picks Prediction, a fantasy game for esports events.

Expanding on its number of partners esports teams, Betway confirmed that it’s teaming up with G2 Esports, another established esports franchise, and team. Betway has doubled down on its efforts to promote esports in Brazil as well, and further tied a partnership with Berlin International Gaming.

The exact potential of esports markets is not yet defined. Numerous companies though have been venturing into the space. Luckbox and Rivalry, for example, launched as esports-first betting companies.

They exclusively covered esports and have only recently begun to branch off to traditional markets, such as mainstream sports and even iGaming products. Meanwhile, the debate across the United States for the legalization of esports as sports has been raging on. Other companies, such as PandaScore, have also been seeking to boost the esports betting experience.

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17 Mar 2022
3 min. read