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Another riverboat casino moves onshore in Louisiana

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A river flowing through the forest.

Louisiana’s casino industry has mostly been… afloat. Most casinos you can find in the state today are located on its rivers, and this is done so that the companies may continue to operate within Louisiana’s quirky laws on gambling. Well, this is slowly being changed, as the Associated Press reported that another casino is actually moving onshore.

CQ Holdings will now relocate one of its floating casinos in Baton Rouge after approval from the state Gaming Control Board last week voted unanimously in favor of the move. The relocation will come with a significant economic windfall for the state, as CQ Holdings is investing $35m to launch the land-based property and has promised to open 200 new jobs.

The new property is planned to feature 16,500 sq ft of gaming, but it will also come with a 2,500 sq ft sportsbook, and a lounge. Overall, CQ Holdings wants to capitalize on both gaming and sports betting in the state, and this is precisely what it’s going to do. However, the casino will not cut ties with its water origins and maintain a cruise line dock access where American Cruise Lines ships can disgorge passengers or accept new travelers.

There will also be a 90-room hotel for those who wish to stick around. Cited by the Associated Press, CQ Holdings CEO Terry Downey welcomed the opportunity and said that the new property has unlimited potential, and will be a very big building indeed. CQ Holdings will effectively be moving two properties in Baton Rouge onshore, though. The present project will be followed by another relocation of the Hollywood Casino.

Overall, riverboat casinos have been a staple of the Louisiana casino experience, but they have had some clear limitations, mostly to do with the range of experiences they can offer. As Louisiana has become more open to different types of gambling, and there is a justifiable economic reason to seek expansion, the Gaming Control Board has decided to act in the state’s best interest.

Louisiana launched online sports betting earlier this year, just in time for the Super Bowl. It was a huge milestone for the state which sought to make the most out of its tradition for sports and now – sports betting, with the enabling of mobile gambling options leading to increased overall revenue and tax. Sports betting is getting big in the United States, with this year’s NFL expected to attract 46.6m sports bettors.

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20 Sep 2022
3 min. read
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