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Zitro delivers more than 100 machines for PlayCity Casino

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The provider of quality gaming cabinets, powering the operations of land-based casino operators across the globe, Zitro, announced a new deal, expanding its global footprint. The company confirmed Wednesday it joined forces with PlayCity Casino, a leading casino operator in Mexico.

Under the terms of the new collaboration, Zitro agreed to add more than a hundred gaming cabinets with its popular games Fu Pots and Fu Frog. Expanding its portfolio of offering, PlayCity Casino brings hit games that have already proven their popularity in different markets across the globe.

Casino customers across the globe have already seen the engaging and rewarding experiences Zitro's Fu Pots and Fu Frog games offer. Now, PlayCity Casino visitors will also be able to experience the thrill of those games that are available on the Allure Glare and Illusion Glare Cabinets. While Fu Pots, the popular multigame 4-level jackpot link uses the Allure Glare cabinet, Fu Frog leverages Zitro's innovative Illusion Glare cabinet, promising exceptional experiences.

Johnny Viveiros Ortiz, Zitro's founder, revealed that the company is excited to collaborate with PlayCity Casino and boost its offering. "We truly value the enduring loyalty that PlayCity demonstrates towards Zitro," he explained in a statement. Additionally, Ortiz pointed out: "The games Fu Frog and Fu Pots have established themselves as essential gaming experiences in the country’s gaming venues, and it’s truly gratifying to witness the remarkable success they’ve achieved at PlayCity."

Marisol Ortiz, PlayCity Casino's Director of Slots, shared the excitement of Zitro's founder. She explained that the addition of more than 100 machines with games from Zitro complements PlayCity Casino's goal to offer unique experiences for its customers. "The addition of Fu Frog and Fu Pots to our extensive game gallery has proven successful in keeping our customers captivated; in a short time, they’ve become one of their favorite multi-games," explained Marisol Ortiz in conclusion.

To ensure unstoppable excitement, Fu Pots and Fu Frog bring the GRAND MEGA and MEGA jackpot. The games keep the players on the edge of their seats, granting a chance for life-changing payouts. The games stand out with unique features that grant extra lives, double prizes or multiply winnings, ensuring thrilling and unique experiences for the players.

Earlier this month, Zitro expanded once again its footprint by agreeing to install 100 machines for Caliente Casino in Mexico. As a result, customers of the Grupo Caliente property gained access to Zitro's Fu Frog and Fu Pots games.

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21 Dec 2023
3 min. read
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