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Morocco is on the hunt for a new operator of its state-run lottery

02 Jan 2022
3 min. read

As it searches for a new operator, Morocco's State Lottery is calling for international participation through a new public tender. La Marocaine des Jeux et des Sports, (MDJS) offers an 8-year contract beginning January 1 of next year for the management and operation of its lottery, sports betting and other activities. The contract can be extended by two years if everything works well.

Bids must not be submitted no later than April 4 of this year. Proposal opening proceedings will occur at Casablanca's MDJS Headquarters.

Prospective operators can mail their offers to head office via registered letter with acknowledgment or using an express courier service. They can also submit their offers during the opening session to the chairman and before the opening of propositions.

Furthermore, the request of the organization is divided into two "lots." The fixed odds and parimutuel betting on sports are covered by the first lot. Greyhound and horse racing are excluded. The other covers instant sports lotteries, raffles and lotteries. Bidders can submit proposals for either one lot or both.

The MDJS can collect the tender documents from its headquarters for a ten thousand-dirham ($1,081) charge. A digital version can also be obtained after payment. The organization stated that all documents should comply with the procurement guidelines.

The MDJS was founded in 1962. It is responsible for all sports betting, except horse and greyhound racing. Its stated mission is "to ensure integrity, security and reliability in gaming operations and ensure transparency of their operation."

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02 Jan 2022
3 min. read