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Head of AGA releases statement on passing of "The ultimate gaming champion," Harry Reid

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Bill Miller, the president & CEO of the American Gaming Association (AGA), issued a statement regarding the passing of former Senator Harry Reid. The long-time lawmaker and one-time chair of the Nevada Gaming Commission passed away Tuesday at 82 following complications from pancreatic cancer.

Miller, on behalf of the AGA, sent condolences to Reid's family, friends, and wife. He stated that Senator Reid's influence on Nevada and its gaming industry was unrivaled, from his time as Chairman of the NGC to his tenure as Majority Leader on Capitol Hill. "[Reid] was the ultimate champion of gaming," asserted Miller.

"I am grateful to have known Senator Reid throughout my career in Washington DC. Senator Reid was without a doubt one of the most brilliant and effective political minds that ever entered the arena," he added.

After being diagnosed with pancreatic carcinoma in early 2018, the former US Senate Majority leader died Tuesday. For more than 40 years, he was considered "a force" within Democratic politics and has earned a reputation for "soft-spoken ruthlessness."

President of the United States Joe Biden commented on his death, saying that he was a "favorite friend" and "a giant in American history."

Former US President Barack Obama stated that Reid's wife, Landra had requested him and other friends to write letters before his death.

Obama wrote to Obama, "You were a great leader at the Senate, and you were more generous than I could have expected. Your support and encouragement made me a President. Without your determination and skill, I would not have achieved most of the things I did. You're a great friend, and most importantly, you have been an inspiration."

Reid started his public life in Henderson, Nevada, as an attorney. He was elected to the Nevada Assembly in 1968. From 1971 to 1975, Reid was Nevada's Lieutenant Governor. He served as mayor of Las Vegas and was also the chairman of the NGC from 1977 to 1981. From 1983 to 1987, the Nevada Democrat represented Nevada's first district in the US House of Representatives. He was first elected to the Senate in 1987.

From 2007 to 2015, Reid was the Senate's majority leader. His most notable accomplishment was his 2013 use of "nuclear alternatives." He also led the fight against the filibuster concerning nominees for the executive branch and other vacancies in the Supreme Court.

Earlier this month, McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas was renamed the Henry Reid International Airport in his honor.

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28 Dec 2021
3 min. read
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