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European Table Tennis Union inks deal with Sportradar Integrity Services

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Sportradar Integrity Services, one of Sportradar's units, announced a new deal with the European Table Tennis Union (ETTU). The global supplier of sports integrity solutions unveiled Wednesday that the partnership will cover matches as a part of the European Championships including the Men's and Women's Champions League.

The events will be scrutinized by Sportradar Integrity Services' leading monitoring Universal Fraud Detection System (UDFS). The bet monitoring system will analyze and flag suspicious matches. What's more, the platform is further powered by a team of verified sports integrity experts. But the recent collaboration isn't the first one between Sportradar and ETTU. Last month in Munich, the UDFS monitored the 2022 European Championships as well.

Andreas Krannich, Sportradar Integrity Services' Managing Director, commented on the topic in a statement released on September 14, 2022. He said: "We have witnessed ever-growing integrity threats over the years, particularly due to recent global events, as well as an increased betting interest in sports such as table tennis and are excited to have entered into this partnership with the European Table Tennis Union."

He explained that the company remains committed to ensuring the integrity of the sport and helping detect and prevent integrity threats. In conclusion, Krannich said that Sportradar is looking forward to supporting the ETTU in the upcoming years.

Pedro Moura, ETTU's president, added: "Protecting the integrity of European Table Tennis is a top priority, so it is vital that there are robust measures in place in to safeguard our competitions from match-fixing." He pointed out that thanks to the new collaboration, the UDFS will monitor men's, women's and all youth events.

Moura acknowledged that Sportradar is already a proven expert in the sports integrity industry. Last but not least, he said that Sportradar's experience in the industry and monitoring capabilities will ultimately help protect the integrity of European Table Tennis matches.

Sportradar Integrity Services has operated for nearly two decades now. For that period, the integrity watchdog detected more than 7,500 suspicious matches. From that total, so far for this year alone, Sportradar has flagged 800 suspicious matches.

Only recently, last month, Sportradar announced another key collaboration. The company confirmed it joined forces with the International Golf Federation (IGF). The collaboration boosted the Federation's integrity efforts while at the same time expanding Sportradar's portfolio of partners.

Currently, Sportradar's portfolio of partners includes top sports leagues, governing bodies and sports organizations. The company is a trusted partner of more than 150 such organizations and holds the position of a global leader in the sports integrity industry.

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15 Sep 2022
3 min. read
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The recent collaboration between the European Table Tennis Union and Sportradar will help boost the integrity of the sport and flag potential threats.