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BETER joins Bayes Esports BODEX platform

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Bayes and BODEX esports.

Bayes Esports’ ambitious one-in-all esports odds platform BODEX has secured another prominent supplier of data in the face of BETER. BETER is an established provider of esports betting odds and has been so for a while now, delivering on what Bayes Esports has described as a world class esports product.

As a result, BETER’s esports odds and data will be integrated directly into BODEX, which will allow partner operator to have access to some of the best and most competitive odds in the esports betting industry.

This comes at a time when the potential of esports in North America is beginning to dawn on operators. Nevada has already moved forward with a framework to legalize and regulated esports betting competition, a process that began in 2020. Bayes Esports has gained supplier licenses in Colorado and New Jersey and teamed up with bet365 to help with esports data.

The BODEX platform collects data from general and specialized traders, the companies explained in a press release, which gives operators access to odds from multiple sources that are nevertheless available through a single integration. The odds are standardized, reliable, and competitive, giving operators a quick and easy way to expand their reach in the esports betting vertical.

Bayes Esports has seen in BETER a trustworthy partner that is capable of providing comprehensive trading services which is precisely why BETER has been added to BODEX. The news was welcomed by both Bayes Esports and BETER. Evgeniy Bekker, the Esports General Manager at BETER said that operators need to have access to the best and most trusted betting data and odds, and that is precisely what BETER does.

The esports vertical is becoming more attractive to operators who may have shunned it until now, but this is quickly changing, Bekker noted. Not least, he was thrilled to see Bayes Esports pick BETER as a worthwhile partner to the BODEX platform.

BETER CEO Gal Ehrlich was equally pleased with the news. He noted that BETER has already a strong track record for providing excellent and trusted product. Moreover, it was the company’s mission to ensure that the industry itself is credible and wins consumer trust.

"We believe in the vision of BODEX. It will help to increase coverage of esports tournaments and will allow to develop market innovations for the next generation of customers," the executive noted.

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11 Nov 2022
3 min. read
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